Dirty Dancing Movie – Movie Review Example

The paper "Dirty Dancing Movie" is an excellent example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies.
Johnny Castle, the male lead role in the movie is a member of a dance group who is performing at Catskills that summer. He is portrayed as a handsome youngish man who moonlights as a personal dance instructor to “lonely ladies” during the dance group’s free time. His reputation regarding females is not so immaculate until Baby Houseman --- the female lead character --- risked her own reputation to prove that he is worthy of respect and unbiased judgment. On a personal view, one segment in the movie which shows a distinctive amount of energy is when Baby encounters the dancers’ area for the first time where all the dancers are doing some “dirty dancing”. Another time when the movie showed a tremendous amount of energy is during the showing of a montage of Johnny and Baby’s dance practices. The visual depiction of sweat, heavy breathing and intent look on the characters’ faces is a vivid display of energy and passion.
The one moment of extreme physicality is when Johnny jumps while doing an air-twist, from the stage towards the final part of their last performance for that summer. It depicts extreme balance, control, timing, and body and mind coordination. It is also one of the most breathtaking parts of the movie. The part of the movie that is personally viewed as most surprising is when Dr. Jake Houseman approached Johnny and Baby after their finale dance number to apologize to Johnny and praise their performance. It is heartwarming, and although albeit formulaic for a feel-good movie, is still able to elicit a nice, smile-inducing surprise.