Madea Goes To Jail by Tyler Perry – Movie Review Example

The paper "Madea Goes To Jail by Tyler Perry" is an excellent example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies.
Medea Goes To Jail is another movie from Tyler Perry that is not as funny as the rest of his movies. According to one reviewer, Perry is attempting to get away from Medea but the audiences love her. She is irreverent, does not care about what people think and lives her life to the fullest.
When reading critics about the movie they both decided that it was not a very good movie. One critic said that Perry was trying to do too much in the way of creating too many things at once. He shows these examples: there was the storyline with Medea getting involved with the police and finally going to jail for a short time. There was the moral dilemma between Candy and Joshua because Candy was in trouble and he had not seen her in a long time because of a rape that had happened back in college. There is the preacher who helps prostitutes get off the street and start a new life. There is also the problem with Joshua and his fiancé. This critic says that there is too much going on in the movie for anything to be developed well.
The next critique describes what happens in Medea Goes To Jail in a dispassionate way. She feels that as a white female critique she doesn't get the movie all the way. She says that white people probably will not get many of the jokes. She continues to say that none of the Perry movies is very good and that he should make better movies. She tears down the fact that he appears like many of his characters.
It seemed that this critic was bitter about the fact that she did not understand everything and that it was difficult for any white person to "get" what Perry is trying to say. Perhaps Perry is not saying anything in particular but wants people to be entertained by his movies.
In the first critique, the critic focuses on Medea and how difficult a person she is when she is on screen. He seems to feel that she should not have as much time and that the movie could have been better without her on screen. He suggests that for Perry to do more with his movies he has to get rid of Medea. However, most people see Medea as the reason to go to the movie.
The second critic suggests that Perry is only creating a "ghetto for black-themed entertainment" (Zacharek). She seems more upset with the fact that she did not understand everything than in giving this movie a positive critique. She seems angry with him for not allowing her "in" and not providing her with something that she does not explain.
Both critics never said that they liked the film but they implied that this movie could have been better if more care had been taken to develop plots. They both agree that the entire movie is shallow and lacks the ability to engage people for a long time. Although the movie is interesting it is not his best one in my opinion so the critics are correct in some of the things they say.