Relations with Immigrant Families in the Movie La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz – Movie Review Example

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The paper "Relations with Immigrant Families in the Movie La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz" is a great example of a movie review on social science. According to (Kassovitz), immigrant families are treated with a lot of suspicion and hatred. The film portrays a high level of racism in the society that originates from the residents of Paris as well as the authority in the area. When Vinz, Sayid, and Hubert travel to Paris, they are harassed with racist police officers to an extent that they end up missing their train home.

The three are then engaged with racist individuals who beat up Sayid and Hubert, luckily Vinz saved them with the gun he found after the protests. The violence exerted on the immigrants makes them engage in violent acts as a survival tactic. In the movie La Haine, Hubert says that hatred gives birth to hatred. As society treats the immigrants with hatred, they pay it back by more hatred. The society needs to relate with immigrants in a more humane way so that they can both co-exist. Desperation, Frustration, and LonelinessInstances of desperation are evident throughout the entire film.

Hubert’ s engagement in drug dealing activities is due to desperation. He understands that he has bills to settle yet he does not have a job. He is also desperate to quit the life of the ghetto and the streets, but he lacks resources to enable him to change his livelihood. Vinz also depicts desperation as he strives and fantasizes about killing a police officer so that he can gain respect among his peers. Frustration is depicted in the movie by the acts of Vinz, he has encountered many negative scenarios in his life in France to a point that he fantasizes about killing a police officer.

The three friends tried to steal a car to take them home because they missed their train when the plainclothes police officers engaged them in unfair interrogations. Role of policeWhenever Sayid wants to confront the police, his brother who is a police officer restrains him from engaging the police. This portrays the police as members of the community who serve to ensure and maintain law and order. On the other end, when Vinz, Hubert, and Sayid are ready to head home, they are harassed by plainclothes police officers.

This portrays the negative effects that are experienced in the community when the police take sides instead of protecting the wellbeing of the community. Two of the three principal characters did not have hatred for the police, and one of them, Hubert, said that their work was to secure them. In any case, Hubert and Sayid, who does not despise the police, are casualties of police severity. This changes their perspectives on the police in light of the fact that now they have encountered police severity.

The police need to be objective and fair so as to be an authority that is respected across all divides of the population. Cultural MisunderstandingHubert, Vinz, and Sayid live in the outskirts of Paris, a place that is cut off from the city and marginalized. This place has many immigrants living together, a population that is full of differences and diverse challenges. The difference in culture, language and religion makes co-existing together difficult, resulting in too many cases of conflicts in the area.

These conflicts are magnified by the residents of the rest of France. They, in turn, view immigrants as troublesome people who love fighting. This makes the community to detach themselves from the immigrants and to treat them with extremism. According to (Kassovitz), the expression "a zoo you visit in your vehicle" in reference to Banlieues is utilized to refer to the residents of the suburb, who have totally cut off from any affiliation or association with Paris. It is for this reason that they are to some degree enclosed in their own reality and thus have isolated themselves from the rest of the world and Paris.

The detachment has made the immigrant struggle to get meaningful employment. This has resulted in desperation among the immigrants, causing most of them to engage in unlawful ways to earn their living. From the movie, Hubert who is a boxer understands that boxing will not put food on his table. It is the illegal drug trade that earns him a living. When immigrants result in such desperate measures, the authority becomes more concerned with their behavior.

This might be the reason why the plainclothes police officers treat them with a lot of suspicions. The community thus needs to co-exist with the immigrants and treat them with dignity so as to foster change.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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