The Hunger Games as One of the Most Interesting Films of the Twenty First Century – Movie Review Example

The paper "The Hunger Games as One of the Most Interesting Films of the Twenty-First Century" is a great example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies. The Hunger Games is one of the most interesting films to have been developed in the twenty-first century. This is mainly because it has ensured that a significant number of themes and issues that affect the world today are dealt with comprehensively. The world within the Hunger Games can be compared to that which takes place in autocratic countries in the world today where the leaders have absolute authority over all individuals in society. Furthermore, it should be noted that like these countries, the society within The Hunger Games is divided into the wealthy, or elite, and the poor, who are the masses that live in the twelve districts. The result of such a situation is that the former do as they wish while the latter are little more than slaves for the wealthy. The relationship between this film and the real world is the main reason behind its selection for the review.

The Hunger Games is a film that deals with the lives of individuals from the twelve districts of Panem who are forced to compete in games whose results are often fatal as punishment for a rebellion by these districts against the government of Panem that had taken place decades before. The games can only have one winner and this is the individual who will have survived all the other contestants in the games. The main characters of this film are shown as individuals who are willing to do their best to ensure their survival, to the extent of forming an alliance against the other contestants. The most significant of these individuals are Peeta, Katniss, and Rue who, despite being wary of one another in the beginning end up forming a fast friendship that proves pivotal in their participation in the games. Katniss and Peeta create a role for themselves where they pretend to be in love with each other to make sure that they are not only popular with the audiences of the games but also to gain more donors. This seeming budding love between these two individuals is considered to be an act of defiance against the government because it has never happened before during the games. The death of Rue marks a turning point in the games because Katniss and Peeta end up becoming more defiant towards the Panem government and this creates a situation where they force events to ensure that they not only gain public sympathy but also make sure that they are eventually declared joint winners of the games.
The main female character of the film is Katniss who is an extremely strong-willed young woman who chooses to join the games on behalf of her younger sister. She not only ensures that she keeps herself alive, but she also shows a caring aspect of her character when she takes in Rue, the youngest contestant who is in her early adolescence, under her wing. One will find that despite her own youth, Katniss is a natural leader who seeks to do what is right under the circumstances in which she and her comrades have been put. The ability of these individuals to ensure that they survive can be attributed to Katniss’ leadership as well as her perception that her actions are likely to garner public sympathy. Her quick thinking is what gets her and Peeta out of many problems the most significant of which is Peeta and Katniss have to face each other to determine the winner of the Hunger Games. The result of this quick thinking is that instead of one of them getting killed, they are declared the first time joint winners of the Hunger Games although this also brings Katniss to the notice of the government and therefore becomes a threat to her.
The film can be told through Katniss’ view based on the situations that she has to endure throughout the film in order to secure herself and those that she cares about. The first of these is when she chooses to sacrifice her life for that of her sister through her joining the Hunger Games in the latter’s behalf. This is a selfless character which she continues to show throughout the film as she attempts to take care of Rue as well as save Peeta’s life. The film from Katniss’ view can be told as a form of hardship that has to be endured because it is through this endurance that she will eventually prevail. The ability of Katniss to deal with issues as swiftly as they develop is essential for the development of the storyline and one would suggest that her actions are what make it possible for her and Peeta to win the games.