How to Make an American Quilt by Jocelyn Moorhouse – Movie Review Example

The paper "How to Make an American Quilt by Jocelyn Moorhouse" is a wonderful example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies. The movie is an adaptation of the novel that was released previously with the same title. The movie earned accolades from critics on account of the theme and the acting skills performed. It was the quality and class that led to the movie being chosen for Guild Award for Outstanding Performances.

The central theme of the movie revolves around the lifelong experiences of the female protagonists presented in the movie who the practice of quilt making share their account of events they came across in the different phases of their life.
The quilt that is being stitched is the one that they plan handing over to the bride to be. Since the process includes plenty of talks, it, therefore, takes a lot of time stitching the quilt and as a result, allows the women sharing their account of tales in a detailed manner.
The plot follows the time frame when Finn Dodd reaches a stage in her life where her boyfriend pops up the question. Considering it a critical decision with regard to her future, she finds it wise consulting and going to her aunt where she feels, she will not only get the wise advice but also get to spend some quality time in the company of her elders. It is there where they engage in this centuries-old practice of quilt making and it is there when they discuss the matters which also include the future prospects and the dos the don’ts, the expectations and the circumstances in which to take up the new life and new surroundings.
During the course of quilt making, the elder ladies from the family and surroundings advice and guide the young ones, the ones that are newly getting into the practical field and getting married. They are told of the realities of life and the possible obstacles that they need to overcome in order to live a successful life.
The makers of the film have tried to convey a message to the youth and the brides to be. They have done so through the analogy and example presentation of the quilt. While the quilt making is shown as a process of labor that requires due attention and concentration from the women, it is co-related in a manner to the demands of married life. The married life equally demands consideration and care on account of the compromises, adjustments, and understanding that needs to be established. It may like the quilt making process be a steady process, yet the single stepwise handling of the different parts will allow making for a prosperous and successful married life.
The sociological transformation and representation are seen in the form of the depiction of American society. The era and epoch so depicted are that of relatively settled and away from the industrial environment. The element of religious and cultural affiliation can also be ascribed from it given the fact that the girl is clearly instructed and guided about the post-marital lifestyle.
The cultural trait in the form of the universal practice of quilt making is also showed and presented based on the significantly clear message conveyed by the director and scriptwriter of the movie.
The movie is crafted in a manner reflective the certain segment and the age group that is faced with the circumstances at present. The elders of the family and society provide the guidelines to the women who themselves have undergone the process in a practical manner. The quilt stitching example is used for the purpose of providing a common ground that most of the women may be able to relate to. The quilt stitching process and mechanism is a phenomenon that is not just limited to the American culture and American society, rather a global practice that can be found collectively both in the East and West.
The assignment is insightful on the account of the fact that the theme so undertaken is quite informative and relevant to the mindset that dominates the original American cultural and societal outlook. It is also more relevant towards the teenage girls who may get some good direction and motivation from this movie based on the message conveyed. Overall, the movie has a clear message attached to it, making it suitable for different segments to watch and extract from (Ebert, 1995).