The Lost Valentine by Darnell Martin – Movie Review Example

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The paper "The Lost Valentine by Darnell Martin" is a good example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies. The Lost Valentine is a 2011 film with a running time of 100 minutes. I viewed the movie back in April 2012. The film is a recap of the Second World War event and how it leads to the loss of soldiers who fought against the Japanese. A determined TV reporter, Jenifer Hewitt profiles a World War Two widow, Betty White that had continued to honor the love and memory of her husband who was a Navy pilot during the war.

This is in spite of the husband being declared missing in action for over 65 years. One issue leads to another until the widow’ s love brings the Navy to locate and retrieve the burial place for Lt. Thomas and bring him back after 66 years. It combines drama, romance, history, and memory of war in a fixative manner. Lots of people want to live imagining and dreaming about events that changed they're live in one way or the other and I am one of them.

The Second World War was a significant event that is known by most people. This film is all about how the war started, the lost soldiers (Missing in Action) and the celebration of their boldness to confront the enemies. I chose the film as I have a deep interest in how soldiers fought for freedom and the alleged supremacy of dictatorship in the 1940s. The movie corresponds to the common sense we all have; our country is right. The movie tried its best to be real.

First, it presented different ages that showed that Caroline and the Philippine Soldier, witnesses of the Second World War were old; the son who was born during the war was also in his aging and the grandson. The topic was very much interesting as it forged together two extreme issues at each stage. First, it developed love and war where both are brought at the climax since when Lt. Thomas fell in love with Caroline, the war came and he loved to defend his country so he had to leave.

Second, there is the birth of a child and the missing of a dad when Thomas child is born, he is reported missing in action. The movie is pretty good but the subject was sad. The movie was clear from the beginning and one would almost flow with it to the end. However, there is one part that one cannot connect; when Susan Allison’ s former boyfriend goes to the Philippines; the place where Lt Thomas is alleged to have been left after they were attacked by Japanese, it was hard to connect the relationship between the boyfriend knowledge, working or his connection with the Philippines and the way he came to know the residents who fought against Japanese together with Thomas. The movie had enough information and scenes were well edited.

The film balanced the episodes giving prominence to scenes where Caroline was held by her husband's love for sixty-six years. The other episodes which are important like Alison’ s falling in love with Lucas Thomas the grandson to Lt. Thomas and her collision with the employer due to her persistence with one story that took too long are well incorporated.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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