American History X – Movie Review Example

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The paper "American History X" is a brilliant example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies. Films have played an important role in the 21st century. This is mainly from the fact that they have been used by people across all divides to pass on their messages. Politicians have used films to communicate with citizens from the grassroots way up to the common ones. With the innovative technology currently used by this generation, people are bound to get a lot of information concerning the running of the government.

One of the most appealing films of the 20th century is “ American History X” and going through the film while expressing its relation to Third Cinema comes in vital in understanding various concepts.   American History X is a film acted in the year 1998 and is of the drama genre revolving around two brothers. The two brothers lived with their father up to a point where a black drug dealer killed the father. This got the two brothers mad and henceforth developed a negative attitude towards black people in the area.

After this, one of the brother's attacks and beats black men who attempted to rob his van. Later on, he goes to prison for his acts and faces more trouble from the black community living inside the prison. As the story depicts, the issues brought to light are about the unstable relationship between the black and the white communities in the United States at the time. These issues are rather vital to humans as they assist in figuring out the problem at hand and figuring out the way forward. It is at this point that one introduces the concept of Third Cinema and critics it against such a movie production.

The film portrays Eurocentralism in a rather concise manner given the manner the Nazi white family relates with the black family eventually leading to a war of some kind (Blaut 43). One aspect that one draws from the film is the issue of class, the black community in the United States was not in a good position and thus the entrance into drug dealing. The amount of hate that the white people depicted in the movie is not only from the fact that blacks murdered their father but also from the fact that they did not get a feeling of national belonging (Hobson 64).

The Nazis migrated from Germany and still do to date and it is important that their views, together with those of their people in the Diaspora to be put into consideration (Adler 73). Failure to do this is the main source of rivalry with the minority members of society in the United States Third Cinema is a film movement that views the capitalist system as just focused on the financial aspect of situations and that films produced in Hollywood do not have any ethical goals but rather just a means of entertainment.

American History X proves this movement wrong from the manner in which it focuses on issues that affected the day-to-day lives of the Americans. Gender-based issues such as rape come in as important themes in every society and thus should be outspoken (Harris 71). According to the movement, all funds that Hollywood makes from movie production go for luxury use and not any notable course (Ekotto 87).

American History X focuses on both races and depicts violence where the white son beats up the black robbers and where the son gets raped in prison by black people (Sonkin 125). The fact that both races are portrayed in the film depicts the Hollywood character of diversification whereby it produces for both entertainment and educational purposes. This is the most significant aspect of the film in terms of Third Cinema. As stated before, these issues are very crucial to almost everyone because understanding them helps figure out the manner through which they can get resolved.

Films affect people’ s lives differently but effectively. One can watch a film from the comfort of his home and still get educated about the issues at hand. Having this in mind is a rather enormous step towards further development as a country. The manner in which “ American History X” stands to prove that Third Cinema is indeed wrong at times shows the diversity of the American movie production agencies.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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