Age of Stupid – Movie Review Example

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The paper "Age of Stupid" is a great example of a movie review on environmental studies. The 2009 film Age of Stupid by Franny Armstrong is a futuristic environmental documentary highlighting climate change and its effects. In the film, Pete Postlethwaite stars and lives alone in the year 2055 in a distressed world ravaged immensely by climate change. He acts, as an archivist and futuristic prophet of doom who accuses the human race of neglecting climate issues thus is to blame for the climate upheavals that rock the world in 2055.

Floods have hit London, the Alps Mountain is snowless, and Amazon rainforest is burning up. India has been rendered a dumping site by the nuclear wars (Age of Stupid, 2009). Concisely, Pete highlights the effects of climate change and the expectations by the year 2055 if appropriate measures are not put in place. I liked the fact that the film highlights the basic causes of climate change, in addition to the way it reports on real people experiences and lives. It drives the point home through its narrative mode of delivery.

I like the fact that it is a real-situation film as evidenced in its intertwining segments that report and highlight how drivers and causes of climate change have affected the world. Towards the end, Pete queries, “ why didn’ t we save our lives when we had the chance? ” (Age of Stupid, 2009). The film has had an effect on me in the sense that I did not know if climate change would have such impacts in years to come. Change is, therefore, inevitable if this scenario is to be averted.

The movie has changed how I view the world. There is more to what we see in climate change, which is a product of retrogressive human activities. The film has also changed my standpoint of life: I realize that am not safe and protected as I thought prior to watching this film.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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