Jon Stewart on Crossfire by Alex Felker – Movie Review Example

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The paper "Jon Stewart on Crossfire by Alex Felker" is a perfect example of a movie review on journalism and communication. Jon Stewarts is comparing George Bush to John Kerry in relations to leadership capabilities of each of them. Stewarts maintains that the Style of picking the presidential candidate of the Democrats does not represent democracy (Felker 1). Stewarts further criticizes lack of freedom in the party and elaborates that its delegates choose whoever wins the nomination instead of the best candidate. He openly gives his passion for Bush leadership and not for Kerry. The second issue he addresses is that the media is helping politicians to push their agenda and corporations in their marketing strategy rather anchoring honest arguments that are non-partisan.

In addition, Stewarts says that the media is consequently holding up Americans by not giving accurate information to the public. He insists that Americans need help from the media. Stewart challenges the media to seize doing theatre and focus on holding quality debates (Felker 1). He suggests that the media should be helping Americans understand issues surrounding the presidential campaigns.

In his view, there should be a reality through debates, not theatres. Stewart’ s laments why the media can fail to have a concern about the public discourse. John Stewart’ s allegations hold true because most media fail to air interests of the public but focus on publicizing politicians and policies of corporate and marketing firms. In addition, hosting a politician does not provide a suitable platform for economic and social debates. Further, hosting a comedian like Jon Stewart makes the media more of a theatre at the expense of a quality debate facility.

Stewart’ s legacy in reporting news is that he confronts issues directly without fear. He criticizes the media, as well, besides being a presenter. In addition, he is humorous in his presentations that keep him a favorite for the audience.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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