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Personality Analysis (House, MD) It is not strange that personality of the weird but brilliant doctor from the House, MD has caused a lot of discussions in the times where the TV series were at the height of popularity. The character of Dr. House is quite contradictory because of his ambivalent personal qualities and no mean abilities in medicine. Gregory House is a middle-aged doctor-diagnostician, tall and handsome, going through a serious physical disability of his leg which causes constant pain. As far as House is a pretty charismatic man at a first sight he attracts people, his humor is grim and cynical which makes people around him feel uncomfortable.

The character is definitely dynamic and forms the main storyline of the series. The point is that House is the hero who solves medical mysteries which are in the center of the series’ plot. While diagnosing House’s deep personality is revealing so it becomes clear that even though the doctor seems to be rude and heartless deep down he is steel a good person. Such situation isn’t surprising at all for a real life, which makes House’s character definitely plausible and even familiar for everyone.

Actually his personal qualities become clear in some extreme cases where his humanity leaves his roughness behind. The reason why House’s behavior is quite rude is that he is suffering from eternal pain, so he constantly uses strong drugs which he becomes addicted to. The character of Dr. House is quite contradictory, because he has a lot of advantages like brilliant mind and charisma but simultaneously House is totally unpredictable and hard to cooperate and communicate with.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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