Big Night by Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci – Movie Review Example

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The paper "Big Night by Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci" is a good example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies. Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci have directed the movie Big Night released on 20th September 1996. The duration of the movie is about 107 minutes. It has an internationally acclaimed cast of Stanley Tucci, Isabella Rossellini, Minnie Driver, Tony Shalhoub, and Ian Holm. The film has a long-lasting effect on me. The story is about two brothers who come all the way from Italy to pursue their dream to be a successful restaurateur and how one Big Night serves as the magic stick to turn their dream into reality.   Story Behind: Primo (Tony Shalhoub) and Secondo (Stanley Tucci) are the two brothers who have come from Italy to open an Italian restaurant, Paradise in America.

(Big Night) Primo is a gifted chef, excellent in his cooking skills but decided not to lose his talent in preparing the dishes that the customer wishes. Secondo is the soft-natured man who tries hard to maintain the restaurant at a good financial status in spite of just a few sponsors.

The owner of the neighboring Pascal’ s (Ian Holm) restaurant gave an idea to the two brothers to help them in the rescue of their falling business. Primo is very stubborn about taking any other order of spaghetti and meatballs rather than risotto, whether the customers like it or not. He fails to understand that their restaurant is likely to be bankrupt. When insisted by Secondo, he hardly pays any attention to what he says. Then, one day, Pascal, the rival gives them the ill-advice that one way to get them out of this financial crunch is to host a grand feast, by inviting the famous jazz musician, Louis Prima.

(Big Night) This would bring the entire crowd to get into the restaurant for a glance of the famous personality. However, both the brothers do not know, whether the celebrity will turn out or not on the big night. The whole film is centered on the feast prepared for the big night. In the end, the manipulator or their rival Pascal has been responsible for creating a conflict between the brothers and finally there is an expected silence in the kitchen of Paradise. Review: The film Big Night is one of the most humorous movies sketched with a brush of seriousness.

The characters themselves do not laugh but makes the audiences laugh aloud. Big Night is all about the food passion for authentic Italian food in New Jersey prepared by Primo. Stanley Tucci, who plays the character of Secondo, is a short balding fellow. He has all the energy to portray the character of a witty brother.

The actor beautifully justifies the polished character of Second’ s character. Secondo is the central character that is financially in a shipwrecked situation because of his brother. Still, he never thinks of leaving his brother alone in this problem. Rather, he tries to make Primo, his brother, understand to be practical and insist on changing the monotonous dish, risotto from the menu (Primo was always firm in serving the customers with what he likes rather than what they desire). This depicts the brotherly affection and loyalty towards each other.

It shows their bondage of love even in such a situation. The character played by Tony Shalhoub is Primo, who actually steals the heart of the audience. The main center of attraction is the food itself. The way the two brothers prepares the grand dinner for the singer serves as a gourmet for everyone. The audience gets enchanted with the smell of the Italian food and it instills among them to yearn for Italian food as soon as one finishes watching the film. The food enlisted would go beyond the appetite of the audience.

Among the many of the dishes, first it was Pascal’ s meatballs, and then the basic risotto, Primo’ s tomato sauce, spaghetti with garlic and oil, fried eggplant, roasted peppers for Antipasto, roast chicken, and Second’ s eggs. (Big Night) After watching the movie everyone would wish to go to New Jersey to have the excellent food served at Paradise.       The cinematography of the colorful food makes one’ s mouth watery and it was irresistible for one to sit at their seats and watch the food being served to the actors in the movie.

The time and fashion are also captured well in the camera with Cadillac’ s passing down the street and the fashionable outfits by the women are quite worth noticing. Special credit should also go to the makers of the food whose fine culinary skills are depicted through the picturesque in the Big Night. The directors, Tucci and Scott maintain a controlled atmosphere outlined with frenzy and humorous characters. The time and place is beautifully spaced in the movie with different locations of New York City, Manhattan, Chelsea, etc.

(Big Night) It is a tale of frustration of two brothers but sweetly handled, and at the end of the Big Night, the brothers are free from the bankruptcy situation and it ends with the sound of cooking of the brothers and the two having breakfast of bread and eggs. It begins with a hilarious comedy enacted by a brilliant international cast. A touchy blend of awkward romance and the sweet relationship between Secondo and his brother Primo are the appeal for humanity and love amongst everyone in the audience.

Big Night dragged me through a wider range of emotions and sentiment. It made me want to groom, sing and dance with the pomp and grandeur of the Big Night. The scenic beauty of the streets works as a freshener to the exciting plot of the movie. It also extracted my emotions of affection for the brothers, anger towards the competitor and his crooked wit but just before the end, the celebration was great to watch whether it bore the expected fruit or not. Even, Minnie Driver who plays the role of the wife of Pascal, as well as a second girlfriend to Secondo, looks gorgeous.

Overall, the film is a must-watch movie overall categories of people, from old aged people to the high-school students. A catalyst to increase one’ s appetite is what best defines the movie. It signifies the importance of one grand night that has the ability to completely change a life full of misery to a happy moment despite the silence that returns afterward. The plan is not successful but the brothers learn a lesson and it surely would make the audience want to visit their restaurant once.

The film is as real as the served food and the desire to taste among the audience.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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