Baby Driver Movie – Movie Review Example

The paper "Baby Driver Movie" is an excellent example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies. You don’t know what you are missing if you haven’t watched Baby Driver in the top 2017 thriller. Directed by the UK born Edgar Wright, Baby Driver is arguably the 2017 best thriller produced yet (Baby Driver Reviews & Ratings, n.d.). The subject of the movie is senseless of human nature which is seen through the eyes of the main character. While Wright, the director, is not God and therefore cannot make any sense into the senselessness of humans, through this movie he is able to give it tempo and shape. As expected, Wright uses astounding cast for this movie. Kevin Spacey drains pop and color to the movie. This kind of color can only be played by a colorful actor with such deadly precision. Jamie Foxx acts as Bats who is highly masculine, important for the job. To have peace with himself he recites the words that he is taking something that had been taken away from him. This makes his robbery and violence not only right but also just. Another key character for the movie is Jon Hamm. He is a former Wall Streeter who has destroyed his life due to drugs thereby joining the crime life to satisfy his urge for violence, (White, 2017). In the beginning, one can feel his amiable sense though later on, we get to learn that he has a deep creepiness precipitated by his childlike behaviors. He has a girlfriend, known as Darling, ( Eiza Gonzalez) who is a bandit partner, she is careless which leads to her death. In this catchy movie, Ansel Elgort portrayer as a beautiful and stringy youth plays the leading role as a designated driver for a crime boss, a role played by Kevin Spacey (Dargis, 2017). The members of the crew led by Doc, are always changing except one nerd driver. The driver, (Ansel Elgort) has a paranoid hot head and is always on headphones, he rarely talks. Baby has a backstory that led him into owing Doc. He was involved in a car crash and later on in a rash juvenile robbery. At the beginning of the movie, he is almost paying off the debt, however, this does not last long, (White, 2017). What is really the definition of freedom? In the movie entitled The Driver done by Walter Hill which is a favorite for Wright, the main character is an ultra-cool existentialist defined through his actions. As opposed to this, Baby enjoys more inner life and pop. The first getaway clear demonstrates the capabilities of the characters and the director. The car skates in out of the building traffic in a geometric genius style. The car even moves against the flow without a hitch. The driver then swaps places with similarly colored cars and escapes through the slipstream. This is one of the best smash-cut spatial incoherence produced lately. The chase scenes in the movie are not only wild but also classical. This thriller feels manmade with the level of creativity which makes the moves seem possible in normal life. Car and speed lovers will definitely find this movie an exciting one to watch. One will be tempted to compare Baby Driver with other movies done by Wright such as Scott Pilgrim vs. the World or the thriller, The World`s End. However, these do not come any closer. Baby Driver is more tethered than these other movies. The characters in the movie not only bond with the plot but are also talented thereby making the movie as real as possible. Elgort acts as the world`s loneliest person and the play by the others revolve around this. Despite having a loud soundtrack playing in his ears, he still manages to hear what we are hearing. The music controls his wayward impulses taking him outside the world and grounding him. He sublimates chaos by recording snatches of talk during the day and uses them to create rap collages which are just awesome. It is obvious that Wright adores William Hill, however as he moves towards existentialism, he had to bring romance in the picture. Early in the movie Baby meets a beautiful waitress by the name Deborah. They both have a dream of escaping, and with this, he makes a new soundtrack. Deborah, acted by Lily James has a lighting presence in the movie through her voice and imagination. Baby Driver is a clear reflection that Edgar Wright is still one of the best directors of our time. With well-choreographed stunts, Baby Driver will keep a movie lover on the screen to the end and leave you wanting more. The cast has been carefully selected to ensure that they bond with the plot as much as possible, (Wright, 2017). Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx are in the movie blend traditional and modern acting all in one movie. The plot has been written with suspense to make one yearn for what is coming next. This movie is highly recommended to any movie lover who has not watched it yet.