Fight Club - about the Way in Which Americas Fail to Integrate Their Actions with the Emotional Components Especially Where Men Are Involved – Movie Review Example

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The paper “ Fight Club – about the Way in Which Americas Fail to Integrate Their Actions with the Emotional Components Especially Where Men Are Involved” is a   thrilling example of a movie review on film studies. Fight club is a movie which was directed by David Fincher with the main stars being, Brad Pitt who acted as Tyler Durden, Helena Bonham Carter who acted as Marla singer and Edward Norton who was the narrator. The aim of this essay is to depict how the film industry has evolved with time through cinematography, sounds, and editing.

It also shows how the various personality adopted by men and women in society are affecting society more so on the protagonist personality. The movie was done to show how there was a conflict in business pertaining to the advertising of products and its relationship with the young generation. Advertising here was being condemned as it created a definition of happiness that did not exist thus making people aspire and chase material items which made them forget the pursuit for happiness that was spiritually related. It showed how the society had changed with time from good to bad and at some point, this movie was described as a cult movie due to the fight club aimed at facing the fear of the pain.

I am going to discuss the genre and sequence of the film and reasons as to why it was classified under that genre. Then, am going to discuss a scene followed by cinematography, editing, and sound. This will then be followed by a conclusion which will define the key findings of this movie, whether it achieved its main targets. Genre and sequenceFight club falls into the category of thriller and mystery movies because at the beginning of the movie we see a character being held at gunpoint, and the viewers wonder how he got there and it is at this point that the narrator who is Edward Norton takes us back in time to where it begins.

Other examples of this genre are paranormal activity, Seven and a Knight’ s tale. The sequence of this film is that of plot, theme, surroundings, and focus.

This sequence is good because it brings out the intentions of the director and helps the movie appear unique from all others. On the plot we saw the narrator (Edward Norton) to suffering from insomnia, he went to see a doctor and the doctor declined to give him medication and instead advised him to join a suitable support group. That was when the narrator became a member of the testicular cancer support group, he used this group to reduce his emotions and hence his insomnia was relieved. It was at these support groups that he encountered an imposter like himself who was Marla Singer and this bothered him a great deal.

He arrived at a decision with her not meeting with each other in the same groups. After this that he met Tyler Durden who introduced him to a fight by first asking him to punch him and a fistfight between the two ensues. A large crowd of people formed due to this fight and later the two open a fight club. The theme of this movie was that of violence for the members of the society so that they could be able to feel things such as pain.

This film had many ideas, also had offensive and dark parts to represent society.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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