URGENT. Media – Math Problem Example

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a. I will go with entertainment as media content. The entertainment aired by each media must be selected to fit the audience. The media houses know their targeted audience and therefore bring what fits them. If the society is generally immoral then the media will not shy away from airing pornography and secular music. However, if the society is moral then the media will stick to that. It is for instance common to see the media airing gospel music the whole day on Sundays because they perceive that a majority of people worship on that day. b.

The selected representation might have a long term effect on the society in that whatever is presented largely draws from peoples way of life. There are also media groups that currently target just a specific group. They may encourage immorality and loss of the societal values. Similarly, selected representation may make the society miss out on some of important information that the media feels is not appropriate. The media therefore fails in its duty to inform people. The media shapes people’s minds and way of thinking according to what they air. 2.

I will go for the simple linear model: Message- coding- channel- decodingThe information is coded in the form of signals and then transmitted via a channel to another end where it is decodified. The whole process depends on the society and what should be aired according to their cultures. All pieces of information are verified before transmission to ensure that it holds the same values as the society. Chapter 2They are referred to as medium theorists because they believe that the properties of communication technology can greatly affect the society both socially and culturally.

They say that such impacts should be considered before adopting the technological changes in the media. They place their emphasis on the content of the information passed by the media. By saying that medium is the message, McLuhan meant that the personal and social impacts of the media results from the introduction of a new scale of ourselves or by change in technology. He says that the medium is more important than the message. Technological determinism theory maintains that the society's technology affects or drives the changes in culture and social issues of that society.

The theory was mainly criticized during the World War 2. Some of the criticisms is that its concept is not very well founded and the argument that users do not simply consume technology, they transform it. Also, the critics argue that what matters is not the technology but the society in which it is embedded. Chapter 31. Vertical integration is where a company acquires another firm within its supply chain, for instance its supplier or major customer.

Horizontal integration is where the firm acquires a company within its level, for instance a competitor or a complementary firm. Concentration of media ownership leads to concentration of ideas. This is because media also their have political and social inclinations. Therefore what they air will almost be similar. Equally, the news and programs they air are borrowed from each other and that limits the scope of ideas.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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