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IntroductionThe role of security has enhanced almost everywhere and in every field throughout the world, more so in the business arena. Every business and individual has become vulnerable in terms of risk factors. It may be noticed that facilities is the most important place of any business. Facilities are the place where most of the operations with regards to any business happens and has the staff and members to assist in the functions of the business. The facilities being the most important area of the business, keeping it secure too becomes quite mandatory.

Among the latest times, the concept of facilities security has emerged and with a bang. When talking about securing facilities, it may be noticed that the role of the security manager and the facilities manager too comes into discussion. Both cannot function without the assistance from the other. In this paper, we will be elaborating on the integration, interaction and interdependencies of the security and the facility managers respectively, even as we also discuss the technologies employed by each of them. Role of a Facility Manager: The aftermath of the demolition of the twin towers has exposed the need of a robust facility management.

With that, the role of a facility manager too becomes enhanced. Traditionally, a facility manager or FM is compounded to function in areas and fields spanning repair, maintenance, renovation, catering to the business needs, looking into the financial accounts and minimizing the money spent on the facility, while maximizing the coverage, handling the daily operations and providing each and every unit, operation and employee with a secure environment. Amongst the roles of a FM, staying abreast with the latest technologies in the field of security is also of utmost importance (Stadler, 2009).

Technologies are especially important because when integrated with the infrastructure, these help enhance the facility area. The area of function for a facility manager is quite evolving. With the expansion of business operations, the role of the facility manager too expands. John Parkinson (2003) agrees that with the changing business and economic environment, the role of facility managers has become more challenging and demanding. Role of a Security manager: Just as the name suggests, the function of a security manager is to look after the security of the facilities of companies.

In the security coverage, everything from business assets to business information and operations is included. There is a lot of trust put upon the security manager of a company. He is responsible for everything and requires looking after the security of everything that comes under the facilities of a business. The security manager is the one with knowledge on everything that goes within the facility first hand. His security guards are placed everywhere and the interactions that take place are reported to him (Kovacich & Halibozek, 2003).

The importance of the role of the security officer or the Chief Security Officer (CSO) has become even more emphasized in the wake of the increase in terrorism and homicide cases. The Security plan and interweaving of the latest security technological innovations into the infrastructure of the facility becomes the responsibility of the Security Manager. The security officer is given the responsibility of taking decisions any time with regards to the security of the entire facility.

The security officer is also liable of training and education the new entrees with regards to the security measures and policies of the company. Even as the security manager is given the entire responsibility of looking after the security of the facility, without the cooperation from the facility manager, the task would get quite difficult to perform. Therefore, the facility manager and the security manager would be required to work in conjunction with each other for the best results possible (todaysfacilitymanager. com, 2003).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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