Networking Assignment – Math Problem Example

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Question 1: wiresharka) The following is the screenshot obtained after running the wireshark analysis for the University of Delhi. b) There were over 100 packet pairs that were captured. The main reason for this very big figure is due to the fact that the network was not silent. As the web page was in the process of downloading, there were other additional protocols running in the computer thus making the protocols so many. c)Ethernet II: 0000 00 08 74 d6 ef 7d 00 26 5a ce 54 bf 08 00 45 00 . .t.. }.& Z.T…E. Internet protocol0010 02 07 92 a4 40 00 33 06 82 50 48 33 27 dc c0 a8 …. @.3.

. PH3’…Transmission control protocol0020 00 50 12 55 60 ee 50 5f 3d 37 d8 85 50 19 …P. U’ P_=7.. P.d) Source and destination addressesEthernet II: Source: D-Link|_ce: 54:bf (00:26:5a: 54:bf)Destination: dellcomp_d6:ef: 7d 00:08:74:d6:ef: 7dInternet protocol: Source: control protocol: Source: mediavault-gui (3673) Destination: http (80)The source address is the address of the machine which is sending a request to get the webpage and the destination is the server which has the information stored in it.

The information is used to link the two machines on the web. e) Sample frame244.115030192.168.0.5202.141.141.34HTTPGET /index. php? id=4 HTTP/1.1Information: Frame 24: 739 bytes on wire (5912 bits), 739 bytes captured (5912 bits)The frame has three segments and the total size is: 5912+5912+739+739=13302 bitsQuestion 2:Request for IP John PC (1)If IP address is not found theRequest is broadcast to other servers. IP add to John PC (2)DNS Servers until its found IP add to John PC (3)Internet (4)Email goes to John’s pc (5)STEPSAfter writing the message and clicking send packets contain the recipient information.

This information is sent to the nearest DNS server to resolve the IP add to recipient PC. In that server, it’s returned for sending. If not, The request is broadcast till found. When found it is returned to the sender which contacts the nearest gateway to send the packets. The gateway searches for the servers where John pc is and passes the packets to the gateway on the other side which then sends the info to John PC. The feedback is exactly the same. Steps as per the diagramThe sender requests for the IP address of the recipient to be resolved and sent to itThe IP address is searched for in the nearest DNS server and sent back for the information to be sentThe IP is added to the email as a header so that the recipient can be identified in the network and the information sent to the next serverThe gateway sends the information to the internet and using the header the receiving machine is searched forOn identification, the recipient’s nearest gateway is fed the information which it uses to locate the receiving server and stores the information until John retrieves it.

Question 3: Address resolutionWhat is address resolution? This is the method which is used in determining the real address of a machine which is needed in order to perform a particular operation on the internet. In this case, the address of a particular workstation which is in a network can be translated into one which the internet can be able to handle.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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