Fire Service Strategies – Math Problem Example

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1. a Vision is defined as a short, concise, and inspiring statement capturing what an organization intends to achieve in future. This statement is usually stated in competitive terms. Briefly, vision statement gives a description of future aspiration without the means or rather approaches that will be used to realise them. These qualities are evident in the vision statement of London Safety Plan 2008-11(p. 4), “To be a world class fire and rescue service for London, Londoners, and visitors. ” From this vision statement, the intentions are broad, all-inclusive, and forward thinking thus it inspires and inclines an organization towards its goal.

Whist a vision statement gives a desired state of the future, strategic aims and objectives gives a definition of things that are indispensable in reaching the future. The aims are broad and should be reinforced by a range of specific short, medium, and long term objectives. In this regard, the six aims of London Fire Brigade would assist the organization realize its vision. Some of these aims address protection, response, and resources: Protection: Protect the people, property, and environment against harm through a process of regulating and influencing the already built environmentResponse: Preparing plans for emergencies that may occur and mounting quality, effective and resilient response.

Resources: Management of resources by practicing flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness in resource usage The vision statement and strategic aims are vital in a safety plan given that they set a direction and specify vital areas that London Fire Brigade will focus on. 1. bLeadership and prolific management, practiced by locally accountable elected leaders, are imperative for a community-based fire and rescue services. According to Northouse's (p. 3), leadership is considered a process whereby a person influences a group of individuals with a view of achieving a common goal.

Leadership skills and knowledge is vital for any leader. Apart from communication, trust and confidence are also crucial for effective leadership. Conversely, a manager is an individual who has been given the responsibility of planning, directing, and monitoring work of a given group of persons. Manager further take corrective actions when deemed necessary. A good manager should therefore practice positive communication, be open to innovative ideas, and respect other people’s opinion.

These leadership and management qualities are essential in a community-based fire and rescue services. The effect of good leadership and management qualities is that the community will be engaged in shaping service delivery. The relationship with partners is strengthened whilst workforce employed is a representative of the population. 1. cKey performance indicators are primarily concerned with defining and measuring progress towards goals of an organization. It simply explains if an organization is registering success or failure. In this context, Key Performance Indicator measures success against strategic objectives consequently allowing fire and rescue service to scrutinize progress.

One objective set out by the Lancashire fire and Rescue Service Risk Management Plan 2008-2011 (p. 16) is to “Ensure a safe, Healthy, competent, and representative workforce. ” A key performance indicator for this objective is that the workforce is skilled and can function in a safe and valuable manner. Additionally, the workforce should be reflective of communities served. This performance indicator captures legal requirements and appreciates moral and economic aspects of effective service delivery. In recognition of the fact that the staff will participate in a range of prevention, protection and emergency response services, Lancashire Fire and Rescue acknowledges the risk involved and will maintain a strong focus on staff safety by assessing risk, providing explicit information on safety, and maintaining competent staff.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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