Digital System Design - Electronic Engineering – Math Problem Example

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Requirement specificationThis is a design of an arcade video game designed by CAD software called multisim that is used to create a schematic circuit that is added components needed in the circuit. Including resistors and DC needed in the circuit. The game is downloaded and run on FPGA board by use of National instruments Xilinx vivado. The main idea of game is based of arcade game called “asteroids”. The game is called crosshairs an arcade shooting game in which the player controls a pair of crosshairs on the screen that shoots at the rocks that appear randomly at different. Requirement 1TITLE: RUN THE GAME DESCRIPTION: the game should enable player, using the bit file enable it display using a VGA.

This is used as a display interface. Requirement 2TITLE: background colorDESCRIPTION: the game should have different backgrounds and also able to show to colors simultaneously such as the color of the rock and background of the spaceRequirement 3TITLE: scan pattern of the display. DESCRIPTION: the raster of the VGA display should start at top left of the screen and end at bottom right of the VGA screen.

When restarting the game the beam should move to the starting point. To test on VSYNC and HSYNCRequirement 4TITLE: display of the crosshairsand scoreDESCRIPTION: the screen the “raster” should display the crosshairs and also display the rocks as they move randomly with the desired color and movement should be horizontal. Requirement 5TITLE: crosshair firingDESCRIPTION: the player should be able shoot the rocks and move using the five buttons which are up/down, right/ right and shoot button at the center. They labeled BT1 to BT5 in the Basy3 board the bullet should be directed on the all directions and bullet not used more than once. Requirement 6TITLE: display of the rocks shapesDESCRIPTION: they should have desired shapes and colorRequirement 7TITLE: shoot down the rockDESCRIPTION: The stone when hit the system should detect the collision and enable a new stone to emerge at a different position and also indicate marks on the screen. Requirement 8 TITLE: Game resetThe game should be reset when button on the board is pressed. this is possible after the player has been hit.

Hence cannot shoot or move again. Organization of designThe design of this system comprise of segments divided into hierarchy to be able to explain the design of the system.

This is the very important to ensure good design. All the schematics are broken into smaller and tested independently but they are not too many to enable easy working with. They are designed to understand the input and outputof the systems. They are also tested on the VGA driver and is schematic it is used to test output is background, guns and bullets and visual effects.

The VGA controller is generated digitally from the Basys3 board out of FPGA to allow simple graphics. To test this there were counters to count lines down and pixel. The design of the VGA is tested buy a 100MHz divided by four. There was test on VYSNC and HYSNC timing. The movement is done on the five buttons on the board. The main testing will be done on display of VGA display controller which connects with both the background of the game. The data on the rocks and player movement and their shapes are stored on the board ROM the structure of the design is as shown below

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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