How Would the US Political Scenario Have Been Changed if Lincoln Had Not Been Killed and How Were the Unfriendly Relations of the Rebel States Tied with the Constitution – Literature review Example

Topic: Summary of articles Here, the article “If Lincoln hadnt died ... Would the disastrous Reconstruction era have taken a different ” is studied in order to summarize its content. The author here asks a legible question in the introductory part of the article that, what changes might have been happened in American political scenario if Lincoln was not assassinated. The article further responds by suggesting that Lincoln assassination made little contribution to reconstruction concept, wherein Lincoln craved for the unity of blacks and whites in America .The article says that Lincoln and his successor Andrew Johnson was met with a similar fate and couldn’t do much about reconstruction plan. The article points out the radical attitude of Congress who detests the reconstructing plans of Lincoln.
The article exemplifies that failing to give justice to blacks was a real tragedy as blacks played an important role in forming American history. Here the reconstruction plan of Lincoln is shown as a means to win war and end slavery. The author showcases that personalities of Lincoln and Johnson to be contrasting as the former was open minded and the latter was stubborn and racist. The article explains that, if Lincoln was not assassinated he would have been different from Johnson and would have listened to Black before formulating white men‘s government. In such a case, Lincoln would manage to agree with radicals and blacks to form an amicable government. The article concludes by explaining the liberal mind set of Lincoln who favored radicals and blacks at the same time.
Thaddeus Stevens’s speech of December 18 1865
Here the attempt is to summarize the article named “Thaddeus Stevens speech of December 18 1865 and to understand the content of the article in precise. This article in the introductory lines specifies to the reads about the unfriendly relationship of rebels states with the constitution of the government. The author states that the rebel states have lost connection with government because of their illicit actions and is in a dead state. According to the author, they can get life only with the permission of the government. The author comments that the states are dead and is like carcass within the union and can be only become part of the union with the consent of the latter.
The article reemphasize that , the state has destroyed their own existence by tearing apart their constitutional framework in an attempt to built up their own policies . The author reinstate that, the government should take necessary action to enliven the dysfunctional states. He states that territorial government is the best option to reactivate rebel states and only then they can enjoy freedom and bore result of their unethical actions. These states should be given chance to implement laws and obey them. The author argues that the rebellious state should be prompted to vote in an effort to include in Union government. The article points out that, unless the states are guided properly by the Union, they would remain in ignorance and bondage.