Online Dating Safety Tips and Advice by Pepper Schwartz – Literature review Example

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The paper "Online Dating Safety Tips and Advice by Pepper Schwartz" is an excellent example of a literature review on sociology. According to Dr. Schwartz, an escape plan is inevitable when planning online dating. Besides, he argues that caution, emergency plans, security strategies, and preparedness are imperative while meeting an online friend for the first time. The advent of caution, insecurity risks, and uncertainties as described by Dr. Schwartz would not allow me to recommend online dating to a friend. Consequently, I would caution my friend not to trust online dating mainly for security reasons.

Life is a valuable event and risks involved in online dating makes it unacceptable and threatening. Moreover, dating is a coveted affair and a ceremony in an individual’ s lifetime that would consequently lead to marriage. Infliction of fear and insecurity resulting from online dating underscores the requirement for peace and safety in marriage. As described by Dr. Schwartz, an individual should not rush into online dating mainly because of the insecurity risks involved in it (Schwartz 1). Dr. Schwartz caution of not rushing into online dating affirms that the affair possesses great risks and uncertainties to either party.

Such known risks in association with the need for a better life in the future increases my chances of not recommending online dating to a friend. I would prefer if my friend engages in love affairs with a trusted person known for a long time to her or other friends and relatives. Knowledge of a supposed partner for dating as highlighted by Dr. Schwartz is indispensable in ensuring peaceful and fruitful relationship without future uncertainties. Consequently, I would not recommend an online dating platform for my friend who wishes to have a partner in life mainly because of the aforementioned insecurity and risks involved.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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