Music Imagination and Technique – Literature review Example

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The paper "Music Imagination and Technique" is a worthy example of a music literature review. Norman Lowrey illustrates in “ Sound pollution” that an absolute silence forms the background upon which all sound exists. Silence is a condition for the human serenity, providing an environment for contemplation and hence functioning intelligence and spiritual wellness. Excessive sound, noise, is thus detrimental to spiritual and general human health. Sound waves evoke auditory, spontaneous emotion, biological and associative responses and, therefore, the effects of noise is widespread. James Chute in “ Why John Cage Matters” , writes about John Cage as one among influential American Composers.

With his 1952 composition 4’ 33’ ’ he redefined music as the art of perception and not just creation. Cage demonstrated that music comes from the way one listens to the sounds of the environment with no deliberate sound made by the performer. His influence in the acceptance of modern art such as minimalism, conceptual art and Fluxus is, therefore, undeniable. His 1967 “ Musicircus” further revolutionized art. In “ A Holy Curiosity” Richard Heckler reflects on the experience he had from attending a conference.

He advises that in the pursuit of knowledge, one need to be careful. Offering one another genuine presence creates a unification that is healing and beautifully achieved from the seamless knitting together of one’ s mind, body, and spirit. It is only through practice that one can create a positive environment, internally and externally for this awakening process to occur. Sonic meditation can result in a heightened state of awareness and changes in physiology and psychology from known and unknown tensions to relaxation, which gradually become permanent. It aims to return the control of the sound to the individual and within groups with humanitarian purposes such as healing.

Group members achieve great awareness and sensitivity to each other with sonic meditation. The procedure involves sound making, imagining, listening and recalling. When attention is focused to a point, it is possible to remain aware of inner and outer reality simultaneously.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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