Fashion Graduate Internships: The Runway to Useful Experience – Literature review Example

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The paper "Fashion Graduate Internships: The Runway to Useful Experience" is a good example of a literature review on education.   An internship program denotes the practical experiences that graduates are offered by companies to enhance the skills they obtained while learning. This area of practical application for college students has been an area of interest for many scholars. Questions have been raised as to the importance of these practical experiences, especially for students seeking to be fashion professionals as well as the kind of supervision the students are given to enable them to enhance their career.

According to Marist (2012), an internship phase is always viewed as a time when an intern’ s professional skills are refined; hence enabling him or her to deal with real professional challenges and tasks with more ease. With reference to Marist’ s view, an internship can essentially be considered as a runway to user experience for the interns. Contemporarily, experience in relation to one’ s professionalism is considered to be vital. This is because of the talent floods in the market which basically makes it challenging for the new graduates to enter the market and initiate their careers (Lehnert 1999). In this regard, one cannot fail to acknowledge that work experience is a major requirement in various job advertisements.

Paradoxically, a university graduate who has just cleared college is supposed to have some sort of experience in order for him or her to secure a job position. But then, where does one obtain the experience if organizations are unwilling to accept the graduates without the required experience? Internships thus, provide them with the option of getting this much-needed experience (Breward 2003).

The literature review will focus on fashion graduate internships, being a runway to useful experience by centering attention on the different styles of supervision that the interns are given in different fashion companies both within and without the Australian market. Most companies operate internship programs that offer graduates with the work experience they need. Essentially, the intern programs in most organizations have proven to be effective and can thus be termed as the runway to user experience. For instance, according to Greenhouse (2012), companies that offer internships for fashion graduates appear to be implementing the program effectively.

Emily Miethner presents a practical example of how effective this intern program is. She was able to get employment following her completion of an internship program at Gawker and is currently able to earn a lucrative amount of salary. According to her testimonial, Emily was able to advance her work experience because of the relevant work exposure she obtained from her supervisor. Apparently, she was mostly engaged in the activities of the different departments within the fashion industry which, essentially contributed to the betterment of her skills and knowledge in fashion.

Essentially, internships are a runway to user experience as they provide one with the relevant skills and know-how of the job market. With regard to Emily’ s case, interns gain much from their internship in terms of work ethics and experience. Additionally, the internship programs offer numerous opportunities for the intern, as they are involved in the fashion market, and thus, are able to reach out to the available opportunities presented to them (Faerm 2011).


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