Global Climate Crisis Awareness For Our Generation – Literature review Example

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The paper "Global Climate Crisis Awareness For Our Generation" is an exceptional example of a literature review on environmental studies. There has been an observable and evident change in the climate all across the globe. The cooler seasons have turned hotter, the icebergs have d melting and the climate, in general, has turned unpredictable. The over-exploitation of natural resources by a human is being paid back by nature in forms of these globally relevant changes in temperature band other aspects. Gore b(1996) has warned the world by referring this scenario as a planetary emergency.

Thus it becomes important to tackle the issue of global warming with a long-term vision and with the inclusion of a sustainability factor. Gore (1992) has explained in detail the rising harm caused to nature by the manhood and its lifestyle. The author has explained a number of policies to tackle the problems as that of global warming. In the context of indiscriminate developmental activities with no regard to nature, the term sustainability has been pointed out as of much relevance Gore (1992). In simpler words, sustainability in simpler terms involves the consideration of long-term outcomes of ecologically relevant act.

It relates to the long-term wellbeing of the natural system. This would in other terms directly refer to the wise and responsible use of naturally available resources. In a global scenario which observes changes relating to global warming, degradation of critically relevant natural resources, natural disasters and other detrimental changes in nature, the term sustainability becomes of high importance. However, the growing demands of human cannot afford to compromise on development as well. Bill, Mary & Geoff (2005, 38-52) has opined sustainable development as an effort to correlate the growing concerns on varied environmentally related issues with socio-economic concerns.

Through this statement, it is evident that sustainable development is any type of developmental activity which takes into due consideration the impacts of the same on social, economic and environmental factors associated. In totality, a sustainable approach in development and the living style of the human population in micro and a macro level has to be ensured. Otherwise, the globe is going to warm to such a level that life would become impossible.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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