Analysis of a Type of Online Game Known as Facebook Zynga Texas Hold EM Poker – Literature review Example

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The paper "Analysis of a Type of Online Game Known as Facebook Zynga Texas Hold EM Poker "    is a delightful example of a literature review on information technology. The virtual community is a group of people who interact through social networks. In these social networks, the interaction is through communication as opposed to the face to face kind of communication. According to Howard Rheingold, people who use computers for communication in most cases form what is known as a community. The friendships formed through communication are the basis of communities.

This paper is going to focus on a type of online game known as Facebook Zynga Texas Hold” EM Poker. The main focus is going to be on how this game plays a role in creating a virtual community. In the virtual community, in their mode of interaction, in this case, online games form a culture. In fact, the impact of virtual communities can be felt through online games. This case study is supposed to create an image of the use of the Facebook Zynga Texas Hold EM” Poker in creating a strong virtual community.

This case study, in particular, is going to focus in part on the literature review and in part on the Facebook Zynga Texas Hold EM” Poker game itself. There are many platforms that are used in social gaming and Face book is just one of those platforms. In this case, Facebook makes the rules and the companies that produce the games have to abide by those rules and the methodology set by the Facebook platform. Face book has made the Zynga Texas Hold EM” poker game to flourish online through its openness that equals more users.

This enables real-life friends to experience more social and connected gameplay. Koivisto E says that the community formed has some things in common for instance they may have shared purpose interests and needs; they may also share other things like the information exchange or service that provides the reason for the community. Koivisto E argues that communities do not exist without communication. In any game, there are procedures that define how the game is going to be played. In these procedures, it is clear why it is important for the players to co-operate and compete with one another.

These procedures are the ones that create sub-communities in which the players find it useful to be part of. In the Facebook Zynga, Texas Hold EM” poker game a player can create his/her own content. With this kind of support on the player-created content, the game is actually made even more interesting and the game community is made even stronger. With a flexible environment, the game provides settings that allow two or more players to interact and share with their friends in the respective communities that they have formed.

In the Facebook Zynga, Texas Hold EM” poker game the interaction among the players has an enormous effect on the individual players themselves. The interaction among the players is the only thing that motivates the player to keep playing the game. Like most other online games the player may be addicted to this game and this is very dangerous. The question that has been asked by many critics is that this can present the society with grave social matters to deal with.

There are other various past researches that have concentrated on the creation of virtual communities mainly through online communication. According to Goldsworthy K, (2008), there are different types of members in any virtual community that may also apply to the other types of online virtual communities. For instance, there is the IT staff that is concerned with; configuring and maintaining servers, configuring and maintaining the database, they are responsible for capacity planning and infrastructure and also networking.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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