How Performance Management Is Implemented in Empower Dubai – Literature review Example

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The paper "How Performance Management Is Implemented in Empower Dubai" is a great example of a business literature review. Across many organizations “ Empower” being one of them, have various ways of implementing a performance management plan. The mission for the performance management team is to implement the organizations' performance management processes and applications across their departments in conjunction with the internal customers and their stakeholders (Lawrie, Cobbold and Marshall 2004). The idea behind this performance management is to address the impact of service delivery, efficiency, and productivity of the workforce.

Some of the ways in which performance management is implemented include educating the employees on the new processes and their future applications, establishing SMART performance measures, developmental opportunities and expectations (Kolich 2009). Additionally, many organizations implement such performance management programs by aligning performance plans with the strategic objectives and goals of their departments. Promoting the ongoing feedback between the supervisor and the employee is one of the performance management implementation programs that organizations have used before including “ Empower” in Dubai. Specifically, the company has kept the Performance management process to be simple and positive for easy understanding and implementation (Garengo and Bernardi 2007).

The basic goals for implementing the above performance management measures is to improve the performance of the employees (Harbour 2009). Under this implementation goal, the organizations go out of their way to improve the information that is related to EE performance, Improve communication that exists between the supervisor and EE, and also increase the interaction that exists between the supervisor and EE. Other goals include the improvement of management efficiency and creating a positive culture of the city (Beheshti 2010). Data Analysis“ Empower” company in Dubai places a lot of concern and resources in conducting implementation of performance management in its program called a planning conference.

The implementation planning is one of the main components of the performance management system of the company (Garcí a Arca and Carlos Prado Prado, 2008). The program planning conference is one of the components of implementation activities which provides the necessary expectation of the implementation for implementation program, workshops and training, specialist scheduling, feedback, plan review, plan approval, and feedback from the implementation bodies during the performance appraisal process (Cheng, Dainty and Moore 2006).

The figure below shows the Empower performance management system: The main objective of the company’ s implementation techniques is to focus on the enabling agents to improve and manage their programs and time. This requires the middle managers of the company to view the programs differently as it has been in the past (Cobbold, Lawrie and Issa 2004). In today’ s Dubai energy industry, the economic climatic mechanisms and programs need to be focused to ensure that the extension of performance management allocates resources efficiently that will make the company achieve program excellence, develop better energy solution programs, and utilize the resources and time for the managers well (Cheng, Dainty and Moore 2006).

Some of the implementations of performance management topics that the company has embraced include coming up with interpretation initiatives that will bring a difference program, initiative for partial cost recovery, and also expectations that are related to the 4 H enrollment (Beheshti 2010). The above implementation programs have enabled the company to promote an optimized and a sustainable use of the energy resources to ensure that they are cost-effective and environmentally friendly as it has been summarized in the figure below.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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