Communication and Social Media Usage in Emergency Management – Literature review Example

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The paper "Communication and Social Media Usage in Emergency Management" is a perfect example of a literature review on media.   This chapter provides a literature review of communication and social media usage in emergency management. To access the facts for this literature review, investigation sources such as peer-reviewed journals, reactions to reviews, scholarly publications, emergency reports, dissertations, and books will be conducted. Communication and the use of social media in the collection and dissemination of information during natural emergencies such as flood emergencies has received increasing recognition because of the massive role that the communication media plays in managing the crisis (Smith et al.

2015). It is clear that the use of social media in communication has increased the challenges encountered by organizations in the management of flooding incidences. According to Smith et al. (2015), social media ensures the rapid interchange of information among members of the public that places intense pressure on organizations responsible for the management of the emergency. As a result, organizations have to deploy the necessary processes and systems to ascertain instant awareness of the state of events on the ground that would enable them to resolve the emerging issues or risk the instant dissemination of the issues by the public via social media.

In the last decade alone, the UK and Turkey have witnessed intense storms that have caused severe floods thereby challenging the capabilities of the organizations responsible for managing the emergency (Saravanou et al. 2014). The literature review discusses the use of social media in the management of flooding emergencies in the UK and Turkey concerning the development of emergency communication, challenges encountered, and the notable communication gaps. Social Media Usage in Flood Emergency Communication In a number of flooding incidences across the globe, social media has played a pivotal role in the dissemination of information about the emergency.

Twitter stands out as one of the social media sites that disseminates information instantly about the state of events on the ground (Charlwood et al. 2012). According to Charlwood et al. (2012), news sources, Facebook, blogs, and forums also communicate information about the flooding emergency.  


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