Fundamentals of Human Resource Management – Literature review Example

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The paper "Fundamentals of Human Resource Management" is an excellent example of a literature review on human resource. The HR manager’ s role is more strategic and dynamic - involved in succession planning, employee planning, and be a coach, mentor, and facilitator of employees within the organization and to attract effective workforce for the organization; facilitate line managers and supervisors in talent management for successful career development; communicate organization’ s goals and future strategies clearly; involved in creating growth opportunities. As mentioned in the article “ Helping Employees Step Up” by Kathryn Tyler (pp.

49) “ HR must facilitate promotions within their organizations by providing employees with career coaching, helping managers develop clear selection criteria, establishing policies for postings – or not posting available positions, composing and timing promotion announcements” . The HR manager is also a career counselor, to reduce employee frustration, arisen due to “ a significant disparity between aspirations and opportunities” [David A. Decenzo, Stephen P. Robbins “ Fundamentals of Human Resource Management” 8th ed. pp. 226] in the challenging organization environment. Hence, help improve employees, as well as managers motivation to retain highly effective employees so that foster company becomes competitive advantage by retaining the effective workforce and talent management.

For example, Agilent Technologies, a spin-off of  Hewlett-Packard (HP),   is a world leader in talent management practices. This is partly based on HP’ s track record of over 30 years, but more recently, based on the work of its 15-person new HR global talent team and extended global talent network. Talent management is positioned strategically in the organization and directly integrates business and diversity strategies. [business intelligence]  HR managers and managers both help each other to forecast future demands for different positions to fill up internally or externally, carrying out need analysis and then implement according to organization’ s strategic plans.

They formulate out-of-date job descriptions before posting the job. The HR manager is responsible for assisting managers to identify high performers.   As mentioned in the article “ Helping Employees Step Up” by Kathryn Tyler (pp. 50) HR impact on internal promotions by “ Inquiring with an employee whether he is interested in a position isn’ t offering the position says attorney Craig Brooks” , But be sure you “ never promise they are going to get something” .

Moreover, it says by Jennifer Berman, “ If managers are regularly discussing opportunities to take on new challenges, this won't be viewed as an offer but as an integral part of setting goals for performance. ” HR help managers selecting the right candidate for the position. As promotions from within “ builds the perception of fairness and internal trust in the organization” says Ed Santry. pp. 51

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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