Big Data In Health Care and Screening Elders for Risk of Hospital Admission – Literature review Example

The paper "Big Data In Health Care and Screening Elders for Risk of Hospital Admission" is an excellent example of a literature review on health science and medicine. The first journal is Screening Elders for Risk of Hospital Admission written by Chad Boult et al., 1993 was involved in a research study at the University of Minnesota. The research design and method used to write this journal involves a plan to answer questions on regional and urban affairs of university foundations. The objective of the research design was to define screening criteria by identifying high risk of aging based on admission in healthcare in the future. The research design involves a longitudinal cohort study to analyze data through logistic regression. The research design is established in the ability to identify risk factors for repeated hospitalization of elder. The research method involved multi-stage probability with subsample US civilians who were 70 and plus years old. The research method was measuring social economic characteristics based on recent healthcare services. The research method helped in determining the probability of being hospitalized in the future. The second journal is Big Data In Health Care written by David W. Bates et al., 2014. The research process involved the process of identifying and analyzing manageable high risk with high-cost patients. The research design is developed through quantitative sources of information. The information obtained is electronically analyzed to increase the quality of clinical information. The research design develops some system for analyzing large quantities of big data. The research design forms some unprecedented opportunity of analyzing medical information with reduced cost in healthcare institutions in the US. The research methods used involve interviews, surveys, and secondary data analysis. The researcher was interested to find how the cost of treatment is associated with quantities of data processed. The research question is used to collect data to get an extensive response from participants. The regulatory body realized some privacy concerns as an oversight in the research analytics.