Iran Nuclear Talks – Literature review Example

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The paper "Iran Nuclear Talks " is an outstanding example of a literature review on military. The Iran Nuke Talks hit a major stumbling block because of Iran’ s hard stance on its nuclear program developments. The country was required to ship atomic fuel out of the country to assure the world that it has no intentions of the creation of fatal atomic bombs. According to Dorell, Iran refused to send its stockpile of Uranium to Russia as agreed in initial talks between Iran and the United States (3). The shipping of the atomic fuel abroad is to ensure that the nation does not cause panic and insecurity to the neighboring nations.

Iran maintains that there are alternatives in dealing with the atomic fuel instead of shipping the fuel abroad. In this regard, the nation proposes that the dilution of the fuel with other elements will make it dilute; hence, posing no danger to the world. Talks on curbing Iran Nuclear program development failed despite initial progress. The bottom-line of all the US deliberations is to ensure that it remains the major global power with both military and political power.

The lifting of sanctions against Iran is proposed as the best bargain for Iran to heed to the international calls on its nuclear programs. Iran is under pressure to submit to the demands of the world major forces; Britain, USA, German, Israel, Russia, and China. The restrictions put on Iran are having a negative economic impact on the nation. The US is offering many concessions  because  Iran has the potential of utilizing the concessions to it in advance, pertaining to nuclear program development (Charbonneau, Louis, Irish, John and Hafezi 3).

Israel, the ancient common enemy in the Middle East, threatens to resort to military action in the event Iran does not comply with agreement pacts with its nuclear program.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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