Local Area Network Design, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Network Requirements – Lab Report Example

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The paper “ Local Area Network Design, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Network Requirements” is a   potent variant of a lab report on information technology. Kudos has won a tender for the design of a computer network belonging to a computer distribution company known as Yellow Computers. Yellow computers have been on the PC and printer distribution business for a while and due to the ever-growing business challenges, they decided to acquire a software distribution company known as Tulip Software Distribution which is located in Nottingham. However, these two companies have been using different systems that are incompatible, and since they are now one entity the systems have to be merged and function as one. 2.0 Current System. To begin with, there are quite a number of challenges with the current system, most of the network cabling has been done with a Cat5 cabling system, this is not the latest and the best in the market, there are a number of aging communications cabinet which are holding the patch panels and internet access is via an ADSL router operating at just only 4Mbps which is well below what most modern organizations have deployed. In addition to the obsolete physical infrastructure, the documents used by some of the sales staff are loosely stored and completely disorganized and the technology used for file restriction/access is not the best that you can get in the market which means most of the organization's documents are very vulnerable to intruders or hackers who might pass them on to third parties or fiercest business rivals.

The accounts department from the two organizations is using two different incompatible systems, the sales team is using a manual catalog in retrieving product information, whereas the stock level also is reported using an outdated database system. 2.1 Proposed SystemAfter careful analysis and understanding of the two organizations business model and future vision, it was clear that the organization had a very solid plan to become a market leader not only regionally but to have a piece of the pie in the international limelight, this required a very robust information system that was very reliable and scalable 2.2Internet & Email Access: All the employees within the organization should be in a position of getting in touch with clients.

Email client software will be installed within the organizations, we are going to use Microsoft Outlook as our organization email client due to its security features, user-friendliness and it’ s after-sales technical support. We are also going to aid our email client using Microsoft exchange for the efficient sending and delivery of email messages. The reason we have chosen an email client rather than the free web-based version is due to the security that it comes bundled with it, security in an organization is of paramount importance. 2.3 Sales Product System: Here we are going to deploy the Landslides Sales P3 systems, it is a leader in its niche and very cost-effective, it has the ability to combine the sales process consistency with the performance and it also comes with an inbuilt database marketing mechanism not mentioning the customer relationship technology (Landslide). 2.4 Stock Control: There is going to be a new stock control system, this will utilize the bar-coding technique, it is going to be available to the warehouse staff so that they may be able to feed the incoming stock into the system.

Here we are going to deploy the Accord Stock Control Software, it comes with the capability of providing tight integration with the sales order management in such a way that the stock replenishments are in line with the forecasted demands and the stock-outs are completely eliminated and eventually maximizing warehouse efficiency (BCP).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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