Project Management on Redesigning of a Hall Situated in the University of Wales – Lab Report Example

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The paper “ Project Management on Redesigning of a Hall Situated in the University of Wales" is an informative example of a lab report on management. In a project management project with the group members, the following became overseen. The project involved a restructuring of a hall that remained located in the middle of the University of Wales, Newport. In regard to the project site, the hall had already been stripped out. The group divided the hall into two parts with an envisioned capacity of about 40 persons each. In addition, each room became expected to have desks, chairs, with overhead projector and 40 desktop personal computers (kernel 2009, p. 16).

The room hence had to be finished according to those expectations within the limited time provided. The total cost budgeted for the project surmounted to seventy-five thousand pounds. The project completion dates ran from 22nd January to 3rd March 2012. Before, the project started, a number of objectives became put forward to guide the team on its progress. The objectives entailed using limited resources that fit their budget to complete the task.

In addition, it comprised meeting the deadline for project completion and finally enhancing the technical skills for each of the member in the project (Heerkens 2008, p. 24). On 19th January 2012, the group appointed Saleh Aldossari as the group leaders. In addition, I became placed in charge of health and safety, Abdulla Al-Mulla in charge of financial matters, market surveys and all documentations, Khalil Shamiyeh in charge of Electrical and wiring,   and Adel Alkaldi in charge of site maintenance, design layout and supervision (kernel 2009, p. 36). Abdulla Al-Mulla then became requested to make a Gantt chart for the project schedule.

Furthermore, each group members came with a list of materials they needed for completion of the project in the various allocated units. On 24th January 2012, Abdulla presented the Gantt chart to the group members for critical analysis. In addition, the same day, every member presented the list of equipment (Lock 2007, p. 23). A critical discussion became held, and the final summary of the list became handed to Abdulla to carry out a market survey. In addition, Adel and I became asked to survey the site so as to ensure it remained clear for the project to begin.

Furthermore, labor and labor-management became inquired by Saleh. I had the task of doing a risk assessment for that given site. Finally, Khalil became asked to find an electrical diagram suitable for the project hall. On 25th January 2012, a brief meeting became held to analyze my report on risk assessment for the given hall. I gave an explicit risk assessment report and a number of safety instructions critical to the projected became provided.

Furthermore, I told the team about the first aid box that had to be there at the project site in case of emergency situations. In relation to fire, I explained that fire extinguishers became made available in the building which the project became due to commence. In addition, I informed them that safety boots and other personal protective equipment would become availed before the project could commence. Finally, an updated copy of the Gantt chart became given to each member for guidance in their respective units (Heerkens 2008, p. 34).

The Gantt chart became the new guidance for the group members as they had to stick to the schedule provided. In having discussed risk assessment in details, the group disbanded and met on 27th of the same month to discuss the electrical wiring diagram. On 27th January 2012, Khalil presented the electrical wiring diagram for analysis by the group. Khalil explained that light bulbs ought to be available in the given main areas. Furthermore, light sensors will become operational in the teaching room. Furthermore, he concluded that the piping of the PVC cables had to be carried out.

Before the meeting became adjourned, Abdulla became asked to embark on the presentation of the proposal to be discussed by the group on 2nd February. Then, Adel and I confirmed clearing the report on finishing the first phase of work before approval of the project (Heerkens 2008, p. 78). On 29th January 2012, a meeting became held to review the group’ s progress. Saleh remained impressed at the achievement of the group by then.

Abdulla gave a powerpoint presentation and the group contributed in making necessary corrections on the schematic electrical wiring diagram (Heerkens 2008, p. 64). After concluding, the presentation became forwarded to every member to study as they waited for the next meeting on 2nd February 2012. Later, the group met, and a presentation became read to the class in regard to their project.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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