Building a Secure Computer System – Lab Report Example

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The paper “ Building a Secure Computer System” is a spectacular example of a lab report on information technology. In every department, there needs to be a record of all the activities that take place there. With this in mind, it is essential to keep a good security system that will enhance that the data is not perceptible to malicious users. Group policy objectives assist the user or an administrator to a system to keep the system secure such that no irresponsible or malicious individuals get access to the data.

This paper will try to expound on the various ways that can be used so as to maintain a secure system which may vary from strong passwords and some other rules that will enhance security. Security system for spark computerIn this section, we will dwell on how the use of group policy objectives has been used to achieve various security entities in the computer networks of the spark computer industry. Group policy objectives have been used in the computer industry to help get some windows users to control the registry of the target object, the security of the new technology file system, security and audit policy, installation of software, scripts for logon and logoff and so much more. The above processes are all done using a system known as security filtering which is essentially the customization of the group policy object in the security policies.

This is basically through choosing the users and the groups to whom the GPO applies. This policy applies a pull model that is configurable through the configuration of the model. In this paper, we will go through a step by step process of how to achieve a certain set of objectives in the maintenance of computer security. The first step is to ensure that all the staff has a password whose minimum length is 8 characters and that the password meets the requirements of the minimum window.

In this case, the administration needs to go to the settings of the group policy which can be reached at using two ways. In the first and simplest way you can press the control key and R key at the same time.

On the pop-up dialog box, you then type MMC and press the return key. The dialog box that pops up is the Microsoft management console. This console manages the group policies. Another way of opening the console is through the control panel, in this manner, one should press the star key followed by the control pane, clicking the administrative tools and then the local security policy. When the console is open a number of administrative security measures can thus be achieved. To start with, we will check on the password security policies that can be set in order.

A user’ s password length can be set to a minimum or maximum length in a manner that complies with windows settings. In password security, there are various options that can be achieved which include password history, password age, and much more (Gasser, 2004). To change the minimum password length, one goes to the password policy in the account policies. The expanded information has the minimum length required by the administrator. In the case of the 8 characters, the size is changed in the properties where the default length is 0 characters.

Once the figure is changed to 8, no user can be able to access the account with a size that is less than that.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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