How to Calculate High School GPA

Step by Step Guide

How to Calculate High School GPA with a Reliable Online Calculator

Many students understand that the grade point average (GPA) will determine how competent they are against other learners and the kind of colleges to join in the future. As such, one needs to keep track of the score so that they can improve and secure a position in one of the top-ranked universities. But, do you know the process to calculate the correct GPA score?

Many students have been asking, ‘How do you calculate your GPA in high school?’ Calculating your GPA is generally a simple process. Unfortunately, it can be confusing for some students. You can calculate GPA manually. However, a calculator produces fast and accurate results. All you need is to include are the details in the required field, and the online tool will do the calculations on your behalf. Irrespective of your high school level, you will find our guidelines helpful in showing you how to calculate your GPA in high school.

Detailed Guide on How to Calculate High School Cumulative GPA

Simply put, the high school cumulative GPA is the value of your overall GPA, divided by the number of quality points earned from the semesters’ credit hours. But first, we have to find the actual GPA score. To do this, you will need to have values for credit hours, subjects and the grades scored to calculate for your cumulative GPA. 

Below is a detailed guide on how to determine your cumulative GPA. Since we are using our online calculator, our instructions will be referred to the methods incorporated by the tool.  Want to figure out where your grade stands? Take a look at the following steps to calculate for the GPA value:

  • Include GPA score with the corresponding credit hours.
  • Include the name of each course. The course can be either regular, AP, dual credit, BI or honors.
  • Proceed and enter the course grade for each subject.
  • Select grading scale or format from the option given.
  • Now, include the credits for each course completed during the semester.
  • If need be, you have the option to add more semesters and courses.
  • Select, ‘calculate’ to get automatic GPA score.

The grading scale can be either a percentage or letter grade. Letter grades can vary from A+ to an F while the percent grade can be between 100% and 60% on the scale. A score below 60 percentage is marked as F on the calculator.  The course type you select has a different scale, and thus you will be given a different point for each course.

Process on How to Calculate Weighted GPA in High School

Weighed and unweighted GPAs are grading systems that a student should be familiar with. An unweighted GPA is computed on a scale from 0 to 4.0 whereas a weighted score is indicated on one ranging from 0 to 5.0. The later takes into account the difficulty of the courses. As such, it rewards the students who take up difficult AP or honors courses.  AP or IB courses are assigned higher values in such a case.

But, how do schools calculate GPA on the weighed scale?  Unlike an unweighted grading scale that factors the grades alone, a weighed GPA indicates a student’s ability to handle academic challenges. Each letter grade has been assigned a certain amount of points-0.5 point on mid-level courses and 1.0 for AP and BI classes. We will describe how to calculate GPA high school unweighted later, but first, let's learn how to calculate the value of the weighted GPA:

  • Enter your current GPA, semester's grades, credits and number of classes.
  • Select the course type. Specify the values for AP, honors, or IB.
  • The calculator will give you the results based on the standard scale.
  • You can skip the use of the calculator albeit being a long process of calculation. Follow the steps below to compute for your weighted GPA manually:
  • Multiply each grade’s numeric value by the credits each class was worth
  • Calculate a sum of the value.
  • Then, divide the amount of what you get by the number of classes taken.
  • The value you get is your weighted GPA.

Calculating School GPA Is Not A Thing of The Past

Calculating your unweighted GPA is much easier. We expect you may have struggled to understand how to calculate GPA average in high school. As you have seen in the just explained procedures, it’s simple! For unweighted, the process is the same as that of computing for weighted GPA only that different numbers are assigned to a particular course. 

We hope that our instruction will go a long way to make your concerns with calculating GPA a thing of the past. Our procedures on how to calculate high school GPA will enlighten you on ways to analyze academic performance. With the correct score rating, you can make necessary improvements in courses performed poorly. We have made this guideline convenient for you thanks to our GPA calculator that is accessible to all high school students. We are confident that having the GPA scores on your hands will put you on the right track to an accomplished academic journey.

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