How to Calculate College GPA Online

Importance of Learning How to Calculate Your Grade

Importance of Learning How to Calculate College GPA

In high school and colleges, all courses undertaken by a student are usually added up and used to determine their GPAs. The GPA is highly important especially to high school graduates aspiring to join universities and colleges. Attaining a high GPA leads to more opportunities for a student in future academic and professional endeavors. If your GPA scores are low, you will experience a challenge in gaining admission into your desired degree program.

For this reason, it is imperative to do the best you can to improve your GPA. Especially if you are in a community college, attaining a good GPA will assist you to get into a four-year course in a university of your choice. You can thus calculate your GPA in college to know what learning opportunities are available to you in the future. Furthermore, making it into the Dean’s List because of high GPA scores can guarantee you high chances of career success of enrollment into a master’s program. The following information will assist you to know how to calculate college GPA.

How to Calculate College Cumulative GPA Easily

Students, who need help on calculating cumulative GPA keep wondering, “How do you calculate GPA in college?” Your cumulative GPA is derived by dividing all the points you scored in all your courses by the hours you spent in all your courses. There are two types of GPAs. These are the weighted and the unweighted GPA. An unweighted GPA is usually measured on a scale ranging from 0 to 4.0. Therefore, when you calculate GPA on 4.0 scale college calculator, it never takes into account the difficulty of the subject. For this reason, an unweighted GPA represents grade A as 4.0 whether it belongs to an AP class, an honors class or other lower level classes.

A weighted GPA, on the other hand, is used to make a better representation of the students’ academic achievements. The weighted GPA takes into account the complexity of a subject instead of simply providing a similar letter grade during the GPA conversion process for every student. It is usually measured from a scale of 0 to 5.0. The conversion of unweighted to weighted GPA involves the addition of 0.5 points for Honors and 1.0 points for AP subjects. Weighted subjects are usually the core academic subjects such as English, science, Foreign languages and all the sciences.

Depending on the faculty, having a high weighted grade gives you a better chance of attaining admission into a particular degree program. The aim is to give those taking difficult courses a fair chance of gaining admission. Furthermore, good performance in a difficult subject is a sign of academic prowess.

Key in The Letter Grade

Type in your letter grade or estimate what you think you might score for purposes of experimentation. If you have not yet received your grades, ask your lecturer to inform you of what you attained. In our online calculator, grades start from A+ to F. for each subject, choose one letter grade from the drop-down menu.

Add Your Class Credits

Input each credit as well as the grade you earned in all cases. If you attained an A in an unweighted subject input 4 in the box beside the grade a box.  For the weighted classes, you need to input 5 in case you scored an A.  add more instances of the grades you got in the entire coursework. As you continue with the process, your cumulative GPA for the semester gets calculated in real-time. It is displayed in a green circle below “add another class” button. Originally the calculator dialog box has only 5 classes. If you have more classes to add click on “add another class” button. The number of classes you can add is limitless. To add another semester, click on “add another semester” button until all your semesters are included. This data then gets used to calculate your overall GPA in college.

Proceed to Compute Your GPA

Your total GPA for all semesters is shown below “add another semester” button. Once you are done adding all your classes and semesters, the value you see below this button is your total GPA for your course program.

How to Calculate College Semester GPA with Our Experts

Calculating the college semester GPA is similar to calculating your cumulative GPA for your entire course. The only difference is that you only find the cumulative GPA of one semester. Therefore, input all your credits and grades scored in the classes you attended within the semester in the calculator. Once done you can see the total GPA for that semester. Do not click on the “add another semester” button.

In case you have been wondering how do colleges calculate weighted GPA, they simply add the extra points for AP or honors to each course and proceed to calculate the GPA. The first and second semester comprise 42.5 of your semester score. Final examination accounts for 15% of the total semester grade.

Learning how to calculate GPA from two colleges is another important skill a student needs to learn. One of the simplest methods of determining your grade point average from two schools is by adding all your grades together then dividing by the total number of grades. For example, in case you had a total of four grades attained from two schools, add them together then divide by four to obtain your GPA.

Calculate Your GPA with Ease

Sometimes when applying for a college degree, your faculty might demand to know your total GPA from both schools. However, the last school you attended might not include grades from the first school while calculating the GPA. Therefore, you might have to do it by hand. The first step is to multiply the first school’s GPA by the number of credit hours earned while at that school to find your total grade points. Next, multiply the GPA from the second school by the credit hours earned to find the grade points earned while at that school.

If you do not know how to calculate your college GPA on a 4.0 scale, our online calculator has all the necessary tools including weighted GPA assistance. Start calculating now!

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