Organizational Behavior: A Management Challenge – Essay Example

The paper "Organizational Behavior: A Management Challenge" is a wonderful example of a management essay.
Any distortion in a balance of interests between business partners can cause serious problems. In case of overweight of the balance of interests towards managers, there is a dissatisfaction of stakeholders who start taking the appropriate measures beginning from their dismissal to the liquidation of the enterprise that is unprofitable for neither managers nor owners. Thus, the interests of stakeholders should be the top priority in many organizations. Much depends on the tactic chosen by a decision-making manager.
Self-confidence without self-importance, belief in his own forces without arrogance and belief in his forces without overconfidence are the distinctive features of a Christian manager. A manager should realize clearly that such qualities as politeness, tactfulness, sensitivity are absolutely necessary not only for "the correct behavior in the society", but also for application in daily life. It is essential not to forget about the culture of communication, sense of balance, goodwill. It is necessary to control the emotions and stresses. A manager should have his own, but by all means a civilized style of behavior, a noble image, an image of a manager who guarantees not only a half of success but also constant feeling of satisfaction from the activity. The main task of a manager is to do a serious work with the help of other people, to achieve teamwork. It means the cooperation, not intimidation. A good manager seeks to balance the interests of a group, production interests with human needs of subordinates (Stroh et al, 2002).