Alternative Testing Methods – Essay Example

The paper "Alternative Testing Methods" is an exceptional example of an educational essay.
An outrage by citizens against standardized tests has made lawmakers work through thick and thin to try to come up with a solution that will please the masses and still be an acceptable way of testing students. In Virginia, a law that eliminates most of the standardized tests in public schools was passed. The law recommended the use of other alternative methods of testing such as projects that test on the understanding of the student to the topics to be tested and the performance of the student too.
Abington Elementary school in Virginia devised one of these projects for their third-grade science class. Mr Mathew Tosiello wanted to test his students on the adaptions of a frog, particularly, what adaptation enables a frog to catch flies, a wet tongue or a sticky tongue? He, therefore, asked his students to a device such an experiment.
This method of testing actively engages the student both intellectually and practically. The teacher is able to establish what the student is struggling with the scientific idea or who has problems with mathematical concepts. It is very efficient to measure the performance of the students as the teacher can focus on the individual problem of every student.
This step taken by Virginia to use performance measure projects as opposed to standardized test shows how public schools have embraced the idea of these projects. Not so long ago, standardized tests were used in all public schools and there was a need for the establishment of more standardized tests by the federal, state and local circles, but not anymore. Currently, schools are making efforts to reduce or do away with standardized tests completely. In addition to Virginia, other states like Oklahoma, Texas among others have agreed to the use of alternative testing methods.