Clifton Metal Works – Essay Example

The paper "Clifton Metal Works" is a wonderful example of a management essay. It is essential to have full knowledge of the elements that are key to ensuring the development of a mission and the requisite goals that drive the mission statement. Even though Clifton Metal Works is a small family company, it still requires a specific course of action that will, in the end, enable the firm to achieve all its set out goals (Evans 237). Presently, the company’s mission statement is not only long and old but also lacks little in inspiration. The statement focuses more on profitability and does not really make a specific definition of what the company does. It does not provide a clear outline of being narrow in nature (Evans 237). Moreover, the company has been ISO certified, however, implementation of the Deming philosophy is not clearly reflected in its mission statement. It is also unclear the extent to which all the Demings teachings have been taught to all employees (Evans 237). 
2. How can the mission statement be improved? Suggest a better statement of mission, vision, and guiding principles. The company’s mission is to ensure an improvement in their return on investment through improving their product quality. The aspect of providing quality products should be kept as this is what will continue to draw in more customers however the focus on profit should not be the only one. The company would profit from integrating aspects such as how the firm aims to be a leader by incorporating values such as dedication, innovation as well as integrity(Bryson & Alston 54). The mission statement would also be better accepted if it set out that it would provide its employees with the chance to have both professional as well as personal growth. In this regard, the company’s value statement could include aspects such as acting with honesty and integrity and ensuring that each person is treated with respect and that the company accepts both individuals as well as corporate responsibility (Bryston & Alston 54).