Writer's Choice – Essay Example

Gender Inequality in Dell Gender Inequality in Dell In 2007, Dell recruited fresh talents in the top managerial ranks but out of all the recruits, there were no females. Dell ran ads featuring the motto stating that dude, you are getting Dell. It is seen that the advertisement dude you are getting Dell, discriminates against women who own most of the businesses that are the main customers of Dell henceforth creating a negative image (World Bank, 2011).
Solutions to gender inequality
The first solution is to use the strategy that HP Company used in order to grow rapidly. The strategy is appointing a qualified woman as the CEO of the company (Daft & Daft, 2007). This move will portray a better public image as women are more effective than men are in development. The company may also appoint a third of the executives to be women. When enacted, this move will motivate other females in the company to be more productive to become executives. Lastly, the firm should produce a gender equality ad that is suitable for Dell’s growth.
Estimated staffing, timeline and budget needs to complete the analytical report
The staffing will not change much since apart from the executive the other departments are gender equitable. The timeline will change hence an increase of budget for the first three months by $6.79million for the recruitment and training process to ensure quality female managers (McDermott & O’Dell, 2001).
Following the analytical report, I would thus request the authorities of Dell Company to take my research kindly and do their best to implement it to help the company’s growth in the near future.
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