The Center of the Universe – Essay Example

The paper "The Center of the Universe" is a wonderful example of an essay on astronomy.
The centre of the universe has been a subject for debate since the early history of astrology. Sun-centred Universe (Heliocentrism) and Earth Centered Universe (Geocentrism) were the two major models introduced by great philosophers and astronomers.
The proponents of Geocentrism believed that the earth was the centre of the universe. This concept was promoted by Aristotle and other philosophers. This belief was highly associated with religious beliefs. Ptolemy (AD 90-AD 168) explained this model by depicting different layers of space among which the outermost was heaven where God and angels dwelled (Denecke, Carr, 2006, pp.18-19). The similar earth-centred concept was popular all over the world. ‘Genesis’ the book of The Holy Bible was the major influence of this idea. According to the book, God created the earth first and then created the sun, moon, and all-stars to adorn it because the earth was the residence of his own image Adam. According to this model, the earth is at rest and the sun, moon, and other planets move according to God’s command.
Among these two, the sun-centred model was introduced by Aristarchus (310 BC-230 BC). According to this theory, the sun is the centre of the whole universe and all other heavenly bodies including the earth, stars, and other planets go around it. However, the theory was not accepted for several centuries until in 16th century AD Nicholaus Copernicus reintroduced it. Although Copernicus could not bring solid evidence, later the theory was cherished by other two eminent astronomers Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) and Galileo Galilei (1564-1642). Galileo invented the telescope and that was the key milestone in the growth of sun-centred theory.