Why Is Scanderbeg My National Hero – Essay Example

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The paper "Why Is Scanderbeg My National Hero" is a wonderful example of a history essay. Widely known as Skanderbeg, Leader Alexander or Iskander Beg (1404-1468) was a national hero as well as an outstanding historical figure in the history of Albania. All the Albanian people look at him with much respect and high esteem. Among the Ottomans, he was known by Iskender Bey though his original name was George Castriota or Kastriotes, a name that finally culminated in Scanderbeg. Lord Alexander or Skanderbeg is considered a national hero par excellence simply because he sacrificed his life for the survival of the Albanian people.

He fought for the Sultan, but deep in his heart, he wanted to fight for the sake of people. Thereupon, he returned to Albania, ruled the country and conducted the Albanian army to victory thanks to his brave and lion-like heart. Historical records have demonstrated that the man was famous for fighting against the Ottoman empire that was ferociously defeated and expelled from Albania. As a son of a prince, Skanderbeg was believing in the Muslim faith and was brought up as a hostage at the court of Sultan Murad II.

The latter provided him with much care and bestowed on him many favours. Not only did he give him the title bey, but he also allowed him to have an army command as well. Thus, he was regarded as one of the best officers in several Ottoman campaigns both in Europe and in Asia Minor. Under the good leadership of Scanderbeg, the Albanians were capable of countering any probable invasion because they fought with courage and for their honour, their lives, their children and, most importantly, for the sake of their country. Over many years, and during many battles, Scanderbeg turned out to be a graveyard for the armies of the Ottoman empire.

Hence, the armies that intended or attacked Albania never came back home because Scanderbeg really made them vanish from the very face of the earth. In order to stand up to the Ottoman army forces under Muhammed II, Scanderbeg was supported militarily oftentimes by Naples, Venice, the Pope and even Hungary, all of which were menaced by the growing Ottoman power.

Marin Barleti, his main biographer insisted that Scanderbeg triumphed in these bloody wars not because of the rugged Albanian terrain, but because he used an effective strategy of mobile defence. For this reason, he deployed guerrilla techniques to put an end to the state of chaos in Albania. When he was informed that the Turks were strongly determined to invade Albania, he resolved to assemble his soldiers and fought against them. Strikingly enough, one can note that his troops were few in comparison with the Turkish ones, yet he won the battle. It is reported that the dragon, as the Albanians used to call him, has slain three thousand Turks with his own hand during his campaigns.

This of course hints to the great bravery, courage and heroism which this distinguished man has cherished since his youth.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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