Why Education Is An Important Element For Successful Life – Essay Example

The paper "Why Education Is An Important Element For Successful Life" is an exceptional example of an educational application essay.
Education instils the much-needed confidence in an individual to go out there and make the difference. He can explore quite a few possibilities in life which if he was uneducated would have been a serious problem. Hence education is the end-all and be-all aspect within any person’s life. It is because of this reason that it is termed as one of the most significant cornerstones of a person’s entire life. I am of the view that education brings with it a choice of good and bad, the sane and the insane, and the rise and the fall of humanity in essence. As a personal example, I am a testimony of the fact that education is important for the overall well-being and development of a person and I am no exception to this rule at all. I have learned with the passage of time that my education has proved to be very important for me in different avenues that I have engulfed into with the passage of time. It has given me the room to exploit my strengths which I have adapted over a considerable amount of time and through sheer hard work and persistence (Engleberg 2002). Education has made me aware of so many things in life that it is almost impossible for to recollect at any given time. I am amongst the fortunate few to be remarked as the educated lot and hence I embody literacy in the most righteous way. I look forward to creating new opportunities for myself and the people around me with the education that I have had over the course of my life.