Where The Product Comes From – Essay Example

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The paper "Where The Product Comes From" is a great example of an article review on family and consumers studies. One of the most useful resources found in the realm of nature are trees which are very essential in the existence of a very large number of inhabitants. With the pinnacle of globalization, various natural resources— like the trees— are transmuted into modified products which are used commonly for commercial purposes. Some would say that such transmutation brought many negative impacts on the environment as to the fact that it gradually degrades the sustainability of nature.

However, it is also important to consider the other side of the spectrum where the “ modified” production of such resources is looked in a constructive manner as that of the cork floors. Cork floors are amongst those modified products of industries which came from a resource known as the cork of trees. They were obtained from the environment-friendly means of getting the bark of growing trees to be processed in the factory. From it being just a bottle-stopper, the cork is being ground-up with the mix of other materials such as adhesives for it to be formed into floor sheets.

Essentially, the process through which cork floors are produced is industrial since its production is made possible with the utilization of machines used in the industrial processing fortes. At a high temperature, the sheets are being processed finally to become beautiful cork floor sheets (GreenFloors). The process with which corks are made into floors could be considered as a recycling process. The cork, from being just a bottle-stopper, is made into the more sophisticated product— cork floors. What is more interesting about cork floors is that which concerns its sustainability.

According to GreenFloors, corks— which are the raw materials for cork floors— are “ truly sustainable “ green-building” material[s]” . Moreover, cork floors also provide convenience to those people using it.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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