Altering Public Space – Essay Example

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The paper "Altering Public Space " is a good example of an English essay. My friend’ s texting affects her interaction with others negatively. My friend uses her cell phone to text constantly day and night. It does not matter if she is eating, driving, taking a shower, or in public, my friend has her cell phone out punching keys like mad. This trait even affects strangers. More than one person has told my friend to knock it off, especially at the movies. This habit affects everyone around her, but my friend refuses to give up her cell phone.

Texting in moderation is good, I on occasion do it. My friend takes this habit to the extreme. Just the other day, I was riding with her. Her phone beeped. She picked it up, looking at it, and then started texting. The whole time she was looking down at her phone, then back up at the road, before going across the line. I was scared. After yelling at her, she put the phone down. It did not last long, however. The next time the phone rang, she began texting again.

I decided not to ride with her again. Another example of her excessive texting is at the movies. We went to the movies the other day. In the movies, you are supposed to shut your phone off. My friend turned her phone off but left it on vibrate. Every time it vibrated, she flipped it open. The light illuminated not only her but me as well. People started grumbling about the light and keystroke taps. The trait to the text made strangers upset.

It also embarrassed me.   When you try to reason with my friend, she becomes very defensive. Her parents have tried to explain that texting has a time and place, but like with me, she turns a deaf ear. I have a cell phone and like to text. Texting should have a time and a place. It needs to be limited to appropriate times and places. I wish my friend would text within reason, like when not driving or at the movies. This trait is negatively impacting everyone.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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