What Make You Unique – Essay Example

The paper "What Make You Unique" is a good example of an essay on social science. When I was young, I remember asking so many questions about the world in general: Why is the color of the sky blue? What is the largest number? Why do animals die? As I grew older, I never stopped asking myself questions that I myself never fully understood: What is beyond the stars? How can math determine probabilities of events and occurrences? What does it actually mean to die- and for that matter, what does it mean to live? At this very moment, however, I am being asked, what life experiences make me unique? Well, what makes me unique in the first place? And at least for this question, I have an answer: My experience that really makes me unique then becomes every moment that I take to ask why, or how, or what- precisely because I want to learn, and I know that I have to learn, and I know I could learn so much more. Perhaps the starting point of an individual’s education is in questioning mostly anything and everything that we can perceive as reality. Yet, asking the question is only half the process of learning- finding the answers, one would have to agree, is the harder part of becoming a student of life. Becoming curious thus asking a question, often leads to answers- but not always the right ones. This is where finding the answers become a painstaking effort on the part of any individual including myself- knowing that I don’t always have the answers, more so, I don’t always have the right answers. But that doesn’t mean that we should stop asking questions or that we should not lose hope in finding the answers to our own queries. Nor should it ever stop us from trying to learn and in the process become better as a person. And thus this is what makes me unique: No matter how many times I get the wrong answer, I will always try my best to keep on questioning all the things around me. For me, this is the true meaning of discipline, in the sense of the subject and education, and in the sense of one’s own character and will. Lastly, this is the final question that I want myself to answer after all my studies when you accept me in your university: “Who am I and what makes me unique?”