What Made the English Settlement of New England Distinctive – Essay Example

The paper "What Made the English Settlement of New England Distinctive" is a wonderful example of a history essay. There are various reasons that made the English settlers distinctive. One of the reasons is that they were interested in expanding rather than engaging in trade. This resulted into fights with the Indians. As a result, there was an uprising shift of balance in power in the year 1622 in the colony. The Indians rose and decided to defeat the England settlers but it did not take long. This made the settlers stronger (Taylor 345). They engaged in various means of expanding themselves including the establishment of a colony of tobacco. Others got selfish and engaged in a get rich quick scheme that saw the elite hold large tracks of land for this. The second one involved the rise of the Puritanism among the settlers. The Puritans agreed that England church was similar to Catholicism in their doctrines and their rituals of religion (Marsh 32). They had the belief that to lead a good life in addition to underlying economic prosperity was an indication that God’s grace was upon them. The third reason is the great migration which recorded a third of the emigration of English settlers. This resulted in an increased sex ratio, growth of the population, a much healthy climate. This resulted in the development and rapid enlargement of the Puritan family. The Puritans, thus, insisted that social stability could result from obedience from women, men, and children. They viewed their men to be the household’s leaders and this increased their economic prosperity in the region. This resulted in a doubling of the population every seven years (Foner 100).