What Philosophy Is – Essay Example

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The paper "What Philosophy Is? " is a wonderful example of a philosophy essay. From the root words Philo and Sophia, it is understood that philosophy is the love of wisdom. Therefore, for me, philosophy would include the endeavor of a person to seek and embrace wisdom. This endeavor would also include considering ideas of a varied social, religious or political ideas of people. It would also be the search for truth which is vital to people like the meaning of life, what is the purpose of one’ s existence and the like. Other philosophical questions would include observations like, why is the sky blue? , What makes the birds fly? , Where do rivers end?

and many more. Philosophical questions can be from any subject matter that just has many facets that are not clear to the human mind. This may have been a long time asked questions which until now still boggles the minds of men. On the other hand, scientific questions are more systematic, coming from a specific point of view that needs a specific finding guided by the hypothesis of a researcher or scientist. On Socrates’ view that ‘ the unexamined life is not worth living’ , I am inclined to agree because it is a truth that I realize now that living a person’ s life without improving one’ s self is just like existing without a reason.

Living should have reasons and meanings and these reasons and meanings are bound to be discovered by an individual as he deals with himself, his environment and these meanings. On dying better than giving up philosophy, I can say that he was right because when a person gives up on philosophy, he is as good as an inanimate object much less an animal.

I guess the worth of life is in the meaning we give to it. Death would be sweeter than a meaningless life. I think philosophers do not have special gifts but have just a discipline of knowing what is true and worthwhile so that yes, I believe they have the qualities of being rulers. One of the most popular ancient kings is Solomon, the son of David, who asked God for wisdom on how to rule God’ s numerous people.

With his wisdom, he was known throughout the ancient world so that he added to his wealth through gifts of other rulers from distant lands.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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