3D Animated Art Exhibit – Essay Example

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The paper "3D Animated Art Exhibit" is an outstanding example of an essay on technology. Josef Albers once said, “ The role of art for me is the visualization of attitude, of the human attitude towards life, towards the world” . 3D animation achieves this by mimicking nature and to communicate fluently which message it is trying to convey to its audience.   3D animation is a contemporary art form and thus should be exhibited in a modern setting. As an artist, I also look for ways on how my art may enjoy the benefits of modern media including audience interaction.

I always seek for ways in which my audience can interact with my work, to ignite ideas, evoke reactions and raise new questions. My ideas on how to exhibit my work are based on those motivations. To gain some inspiration, I went to the Sculpture Park Exhibit and the Art in the Gardens event, held in Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Exterior ExhibitThough the exhibit was very grandiose, audience members were able to communicate and interact with one another, due to the parks serene and casual aura.

The artists were able to use the unique open-background of the city and its environs to create an area where people can contemplate and enjoy the artwork, for months to come. It was more casual and made viewing more intimate and more personal. People felt freer to talk, speculate, debate, laugh, or even express their disgust. Aesthetically, it also put the art in a naturally beautiful setting. Instead of boxed area, the pieces are displayed against the beautiful green and blue sky. This is a perfect setting for my works because my art, by nature, is very casual and calls for the same freedom.

The beauty of nature will also allow frame my works well. Evening ExhibitThe garden gallery also gave me an idea to hold my exhibit in the evening. Their displays were open until the evening. The artworks were captured in an expressive environment influenced by the aesthetics lighting effects of the gallery. From my experience, holding an art exhibit at night would allow me to showcase the artwork in an environment that is able to highlight all of its elements clearly, such as colors and definition of images.

Night settings are also perfect for creating a socially interactive environment. It becomes a date venue for couples and a hang-out place for friends. InteractionTouch Screen Transparent ScreenI came across a recent technology that will be perfect for an exterior evening exhibit. I want my audience to be able to interact with the artwork on display, through the use of touch screen display systems. It should also allow the audience to replay, zoom in and out of videos, change angles and any other means that will enable them to satisfy their curiosity on the artwork on display.

I would also utilize transparent screen panels, which can create the illusion of suspended images, and maintain the attention and adoration of audience members. HologramsAnother innovative piece of technology is the use of holograms. Several fashion shows already used this technology. Holograms are 3-dimensional images projected in the air and create the illusion of real images accessible to audience members. The use of holograms in my 3D art exhibition would allow the audience to interact with my artwork directly by viewing live animated objects and enjoying a new way to experience art.

This technology is relatively new and has yet to be experienced by a majority of people. By that fact alone, it should attract a huge crowd of attendants. Augmented RealityState-of-the-art technology like augmented reality enabled devices will also work perfectly for my art display. Augmented reality is the art of overlaying virtual image on top of physical reality. Augmented reality images will mix in together with physical objects, creating added depth of images, to audience members and a rich 3-dimensional image, which audience members can interact with.

Objects viewed from an augmented reality point of view, seem to reach to you and move along the perspective of the real world, as you move around it. So you can move around and use your device to view the artwork, with any desired background. For example, audience members can use physical objects to interact directly with images, proving a sense of creativity, enjoyment, and contemplation. Interactive BillboardsInteractive billboards would also work well with the objective of my art display; to evoke reactions, ignite ideas and motivate audience members to ask questions about the artwork and how it works.

Holding a 3D animated art display has its own set of challenges, but when done in the right way, it can create a memorizing experience for the audience, with the aim drawing out emotions and challenging their experience of the known world.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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