Traffic Management Coordinator – Essay Example

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The paper "Traffic Management Coordinator " is a great example of an essay on professional. One of the jobs of Traffic Management Coordinators is to determine the runway configuration during various parts of the shift. One of the deciding factors is wind direction and speed. However, runway selection is not always most closely aligned with the wind. Around New York, there are six airfields in the tight configuration: JFK, LaGuardia, Newark, Teterboro, Westchester, and Islip (MacArthur). When deciding other factors to choose a runway configuration, a TMC must consider noise abatement and comparative traffic density.

Noise is an imperative consideration. The number of residential communities in proximity makes this a major concern. One solution is the use of certain runways that head toward the Hudson at LaGuardia. Instead of approaching and departing over homes, aircraft dampen their noise over the river. These flight paths of the runway to ensure a minimization of noise pollution. Traffic is another imperative consideration. Some runways may be able to handle more traffic than others, and some are pre-assigned to certain carriers. Priorities are assigned by the TCM in order to optimize resources based on a number of sometimes competing factors.

Relative traffic is a huge factor. The relative positions of runways are a major concern. For example, intersecting runways involve more complex solutions than parallel. Parallel runways are often said to be independent – meaning takeoffs and landings can occur simultaneously, but the intersecting runway is not so. They require individual takeoffs and landings. This factor constitutes a major limit in traffic assignment. Traffic Management Coordinators determine the runway configuration. One factor is wind direction and speed, but sometimes the selection is not most closely related to wind.

When deciding over factors to choose a runway configuration, one must not only consider air and ground traffic but also the comparative traffic flow of the runways, the direction of the flight plans in question, and the location of runway relative to the terminal. Using this or some similar logical sorting method, an air-based company could develop simple software that would help narrow choices based on specific such criteria. In any circumstance, the safety of the passengers, crew, and aircraft are tantamount in any air traffic related decision.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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