Animal Cruelty: What Can We Do to Stop It – Essay Example

The paper "Animal Cruelty: What Can We Do to Stop It" is a wonderful example of an essay on social science.
It goes on every day. Faced with being incapable to pay attention of their animals any more, apparently, common people do something unlikely pitiless. They throw out their pets to fend for themselves. We can learn this from the personal experiences, by working with a number of animal saver groups, and from time to time, we shall realize the results of this unkindness are so offensive as to make one shiver at the thought of people doing such a hateful thing. I have rescued puppies in plastic bags, cats and dogs on streets, and all way of other animals whose only offense was to be loved too little.
The brutality of human beings does not end here. It continues with almost every animal on the planet. The life of a puppy mill dog that is occupied for "breeding reserve" is basically dreadful and depressing. These dogs get small or no veterinary care and not at all see a bed, a pleasure or a plaything. Breeding animals are usually slain after their productiveness disappears, or they are discarded or traded to a different mill. The yearly effect of all this reproduction is a predictable two to four million puppies, many with performance and/or fitness problems.
So what can be done? I would say the first thing is to make our pets germ-free and sterilized. This only thing can prevent the propagation of unnecessary and reviled pets left to wander a cruel world. This is only the smallest thing you can do yet. In all cities of every state exist refuge and associations for the rescue of deserted animals, watch over No Kill protection and rescue groups in your region and observe if you can join in. The third item a kind human being should carry out is refuse in all its shapes indifference. If you observe animal mistreatment, take some action against the lawbreaker instantly like informing the officials.