Concepts of Death – Essay Example

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The paper "Concepts of Death" is a great example of a psychology essay. Greek and Roman people had their own methods of determining whether a person was dead or not. These included the absence of the heartbeat and breathing. Another was the taking place of the process of putrefaction (“ Putrefaction, ” n.d. ). One other method which was used in those times to determine the occurrence of death was by placing a candle near the mouth of the person if the flicker of the candle moved it meant that the person was alive. In the middle of the 18th century, a person named Jacques Binslow who was interested in anatomy proposed that resuscitation is performed on the corpse to identify the presence of life.

According to Winslow insertion of pins in certain parts of the body would do the trick. The body could also be treated with a liquid mixture of different substances. In 1742, John Bruhier published 52 ways in his book through which a live burial could take place. The instances in this book made the public much anxious and there was a general consensus that some device should be formulated with the help of which such a condition could be avoided. Cork (2009) explains that one such device was a place named the ‘ leichenhä user’ which means the corpse house.

This was a place in 19th century Germany where corpses were put until putrefaction took place to make sure that death has occurred. Another device was the stethoscope which was invented in 1819 which could easily identify whether a person was breathing or not and hence determining death.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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